The Apple Empire and the right to repair

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    A special CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) consumer documentary:

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    Just saw this on Reddit. It's incredible how big of a scumbag company Apple has become. I've been bitching about their shady practices for years, but 2012 was really when things nosedived. Worse though; is the legions of Apple apologists unwilling to admit the company's wrongdoing and lack of self respect. Right to repair benefits these people but for whatever reason they support Apple regardless of the companies disrespect for their consumers.

    I'm STILL holding onto my 2012 MacBook Pro mainly because if anything goes wrong, I can replace the parts... but anything newer than that... and I'd be getting ripped off just like the guy in the video over a bent pin.

    For these reasons (and the insane pricing) I built a Hackintosh and will NEVER buy another Apple product. Which is too bad, because I love OS X... their best product is the least accessible one.

    Just a reminder how badly Apply tried to screw over Linus when he WANTED to pay for repair and Apple refused:

    What's most troubling about the whole Linus incident is the amount of stupidity from the Apple apologists backing Apple on it with insane logic.
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    Nice to see Louis Rossman delivering a hearty dose of truth.

    I don't think there's many people at the Apple stores who know much about repairing devices. These days, Apple makes everything to be replaced entirely anyways, though, so it's hardly a surprise.
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    Users think their only overcharged because Mac's keep getting better,,, no component stays at the same price forever..

    We're just singling out Apple here because they re really the only ones in control... They always have been...
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    I think apple should supply parts, much like the automotive industry. However, there is apples side of it also, and I'm guessing it's less about money and more about the entire experience. That is probably what the "legions of apple apologists" are saying, and the "naysayers" aren't hearing that message.
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    I think that's missing the point.. 'The right to repair' has always been Apple's main goal to eliminate at some point, or make it harder... Apple's a a closed system..

    Apple has never been a 'spare parts' store.. But the argument pushes it in that direction because price becomes more of a factor now. When the take-away from that is, Apple never saw it a right to repair.. It's just become more 'difficult', users have an issue with..
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    What bugs me about Linus' videos is that they're so obviously manipulative. They're basically the YouTube equivalent of tabloid journalism with UNNECESSARY CAPS and him doing exaggerated expressions of disbelief for the thumbnails in order to drive home the point that OMG Apple did SOMETHING BAD!!!!!!

    Of course, Apple may very well actually be in the wrong here, but I'd like to hear the details from a source that is less clickbaity.
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    Yep, and you don't have to buy your car parts at the car dealer / manufacturer.

    Apple has never really supported 3rd party repair or parts, which is too bad, they should help these value added parties with more original parts and repair info ( manuals etc).

    I am a big fan and user of Mac products and have been for a long time - switched from windows / IBM - when Lotus 1-2-3 was available on Mac - lol

    That said, I can't stomach going to an Apple store anymore, not really a fun "experience", ie make an appointment with an "apple genius" and then get quoted the company line and / or blatantly told the best thing is to upgrade etc. It fells like visiting a religious cult and if you don't agree with their suggestions you're a heretic.

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