The Apple Pencil signals Apple's return to the creative professional

Discussion in 'iPad' started by d28z28, Nov 12, 2015.

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    I'm seeing a lot of people on here talk about how the iPad Pro isn't for professionals. I couldn't disagree more with this. To me the Apple pencil and all of the technology that they built into it signals a huge return to the creative professional.

    I was a big time Aperture user for all of my photography. My photography was fairly well known and I was a well known Aperture user. When Apple discontinued Aperture and forced me to Lightroom, that solidified my assumption that Apple just simply didn't care about creative professionals anymore. This was further strengthened by what I thought was Apple's "dumbing-down" of Final Cut Pro around that same time.

    I'm excited about the shift I see with the release of the iPad Pro and specifically the Apple Pencil. Anyone who does anything in the creative world is aware of Wacom and what their products do. The fact that Apple built their own technology to answer this for us - and built it directly into the iPad Pro says a LOT for creative professionals like me. This is a very "niche" product in the sense that my wife would never need an Apple Pencil. My friends would have almost no interest in it - but if you come from Wacom products in a work environment, you know how huge this is.

    With the Apple Pencil, I absolutely do not see Apple trying to create a device that they would sell millions and millions of (like their other products) - just watch some of the reviews of non-artists trying to use it and make sense of it. They doodle something with it for a few seconds and move on, having very little to actually say about it. Compare that with what we see artists doing with it.

    With this technology on the iPad Pro Apple has essentially ended my fear that they don't care about creative professionals anymore. Apple did this specifically for us.

    ...Now if they'd only ship it to me.
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    It could also indicate apples continuation of false-hope.

    Apple has no love for "creative professionals".

    - Ignored Mac Pro update
    - Rare FCP attention
    - Abandoned Aperture with no replacement
    - Replaced iPhoto with a feature deficient Photos app
    - Created a incredibly powerful iPad with no simple way to actually transfer large media files into

    Sure, Apple nailed it with the pencil and the iPad pro has the potential to be amazing as a creativity tool. But it's hard to say Apple is once again focusing on "Creative Professionals" simply because their marketing has our wallets in their crosshairs.
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    Does "creative professional" (okay, hobbyist) equal music production?

    Because Apple not including a full OS kind of showed that it's not a device for "creative professionals."

    I have hundreds and hundreds of gigs of sound libraries I can't use with it, I can't use my DAW with it, I'm not even sure I could plug in multiple Midi controllers and perform with it..

    The only thing it can potentially do (if they release it, which I imagine they eventually will) - is be used as manuscript paper, for writing down ideas, a-la StaffPad on the Surface.

    But the Surface already has that, and actually solves the OS issue very well, and allows multiple midi controllers...
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    Given it's "limitations" of what you need it for it sounds like you've found that the Surface is the right product for you. I bought an iPad Pro for illustration work, and that makes it the right product for me.

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