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    Ok. As i cant sleep because of my jetlag, ive decided to write down my thoughts about the apple watch.

    When the ipod came out, and i saw it, i knew exactly why i wanted it for: to listen to music.

    I experienced the same thing with the iphone: make calls, web browsing every where and of course, giving my ipod to my brother.

    When the ipad came out i wasnt sure why id use it. So i wait for some years and then the mini got into business. My quesrion was answered: read on my way to work, web browsing from my bed in a more comfortable way than using my iphone, facetime calls with my family as they live abroad and of course, writing an a-watch review when i couldnt sleep. But you know, i still think that i could have stayed with my kindle and my iphone, but i tried the ipad in any case and i can say that im just not unhappy with the purchase.

    When smartwatches started to come out, there was a question in my head that wasnt answered by that time, "why would i need this?" And when rumors of apple getting into business starting to come out too, i hoped that when the product would finally see the light i would say "thats what ive been waiting for", but it turned out that i, for now at least, wont buy this gadget. Lets see why:

    Design: i like it.

    This is a smartwatch, not an omega or a rolex. Is a tech thing that is supposed to give you more than just the time.

    The moto 360's design looks cool with its round face, but i do like the a-watch approach, instead of strapping an olive can to my wrist i would have a tuna can, still a can, but apple's seems less bulky and smaller. (Seems...). Q bit thick maybe.

    I dont worry about the "bulkyness" of it. I thinks its a good place to start. Over the years weve learned that the one thing apple do right is the desing and their unstoppable quest for thinness. We will have to give it maybe a year or two, but it will be better, just like the ipad - ipad air evolution.

    Software: i like it.

    As i said before, design is what apple does best, most of the time. I think the ui looks cool and that it will be better in time.

    Overall functionality: close enough...

    As i said before, i didnt know why i would need a smartwatch. I just kinda know what i would use it for.

    The first one, an iphone companion. Question answered: the a-watch is.

    The second one, and in my opinion, the one with the most posibilities: fitness companion.

    There are basically two types of fitness technology users: the ones that would love to track their performace (the regulars), and the ones that are looking for an excuse to begin training. This group of people would love to buy a gadget and force themselves to begin exercising. I dont know how the waterproof-water resistant thing would work, considering that there is a sport version it might be taken into acount, but soorts like swimming are out of the question.

    I thought that it might be cool to monitor my running (if i started to run) and swimming (probably next week my doctor will tell me that i need to swim because of some back problems that ive got) performace, the watch might not be ready for that. The waterproof "tiny" detail is maybe one of the most importsnt misses.

    Jony Ive would say something like "its tle tiny details the ones that define a product" and that miss i think, is big, specially in the sport version.

    Thats what i tought i would use the watch, but, fortunately, apple gives us more:

    Sending taps, or whatever they are called. I whink its useful, but unless taps can be send to iphones/ipads/macs too, they would force you to give an a-watch to your lady so you can tell her that you are waiting for her outside, and that you are late for the dinner reservation, again.

    Sending heartbeats can be funny too, sending your lady an "i love you" is nice, but thats something that you might do once or twice.

    Siri, handy.

    Making/receiving calls; useless, unless you are in a private place "hey katie, have you seen my underwear?" "honey, im with my boss right now". I didnt like that feature from the samsung i dont know its name, but in privacy it might me useful

    In my opinion, the watch is close enough. The ios integration looks good, and it will improve. Physical design, will be thinner and better, in time. Waterproof, it will come, i think. Maybe self cargin with phsysical movement would me cool too.

    Am i playing being an analyst? Nah, im on my vacation "dont you have better things to do?" Yes, but as i cant sleep, well...

    Ah! Please forgive my english mistakes.
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    Good points, and I pretty much agree with it all. I do think the making/receiving calls thing will be useful in any other place that I'd use my speakerphone. Particularly when I borrow my wife's car, which isn't set up to use my phone over Bluetooth like my car is.

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