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    Badass FREE iOS game(iPhone/iPad)

    Game Name: Badass Free(iOS/Android)
    Price: Free

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    Developer: Vox Verbi Inc.

    Two-Minute Badass
    Users could do all kinds of badass things. Lift up schoolgirls' skirts, activate the fire alarm, shoot arrows at the apple on your boss’ head, get the booty from the treasure chest, create your own traffic nightmare, burn ants... and at the end of each level users get to go up against one final kick-ace boss.

    Touch and Tilt FTW
    Each minigame has different ways to interact - touch, slice, tilt, shake, multi-touch, etc.

    The main character of the game is an obvious weirdo dressed as a superhero. His goal is however not to save the world, and not even to destroy it. It is all about doing mischief. Badass is essentially not one game, but a collection of diverse minigames, similar to Tap the Frog and Albert HD. The player will have to pop balloons by quickly tapping on them, open locks by swiping lockpicks, drop pottery on pedestrians, find items, shear sheep and so on. The gameplay is easy to understand: game controls are primarily based on rightly timed or fast enough tapping and swiping. Swiping can be all about speed, precision or both. The games are not repetitive. In one game it may be about tapping, in another the player needs to shoot something or find an item, so it doesn't feel like playing the same puzzle again and again. The art of the game has its own unique style which is somewhat bizarre, but blends well with the game's spirit.

    After completing each minigame the player is awarded with golden coins and power-ups. Golden coins can be traded for more power-ups or can be used to unlock new levels with more minigames. Coins could also be gambled. Badass features two gambling minigames: Lucky Spin and Lucky Strike. Lucky Spin is a money gamble. In Lucky Strike the player can win new power-ups or lose old ones. Active power-ups are equipped before each minigame to give the player certain advantages. Some power-ups extend the time-limit, others give the player an additional attempt or a free pass to the next level. After acquiring a great score the player can boast about it on Twitter, Facebook and the Game Center Leaderboard, and challenge his friends.

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