The Beatles Appear in iTunes Store


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Apr 12, 2001

Ahead of Apple's planned announcement scheduled for about half an hour from now that has been expected to see content from The Beatles finally come to the iTunes Store, that content has already gone live. The offerings are headed by The Beatles Box Set, offering a total of 256 songs and other items, including iTunes LP mini-documentary features and a video of the band's first U.S. concert, all for $149.00.

Individual albums are also available, with the majority of them priced at $12.99 and a few others including "The White Album" and several greatest hits collections available for $19.99. Songs are generally also available on a per-track basis priced at $1.29 each.

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Jonny Skyves

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Oct 8, 2010
Steve: Hey Bulldog
Paul: Good Morning Good Morning
Steve: I Wanna Be Your Man
Paul: Tell Me Why
Steve: I've Got A Feeling
Paul: Tell Me What You See
Steve: I Need You
Paul: If I Needed Someone
Steve: You Really Got A Hold On Me
Paul: Do You Want To Know A Secret
Steve: I'm Down
Paul: Money (Thats What I Want)
Steve: I Should Have Known Better
Paul: Strawberry Fields Forever
Steve: Tell Me Why
Paul: Baby You're A Rich Man
Steve: I Am The Walrus
Paul: I'm A Loser
Steve: Your Mother Should Know
Paul: From Me To You, Got To Get You Into My Life
Steve: Please Please Me
Paul: Two Of Us, Revolution
Steve: Any Time At All
Paul: With A Little Help From My Friends
Steve: Dig It
Paul: Till There Was You, The Long And Winding Road
Steve: Why Don't We Do It In The Road, Come Together
Paul: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Steve: You Can't Do That
Paul: I'll Cry Instead
Steve: Cry Baby Cry ... It's All Too Much
Paul: All You Need Is Love
Steve: Can´t Buy My Love
Paul: Love Me Do
Steve: Not A Second Time, Don't Bother Me
Steve: I've Just Seen A Face

Along comes Yoko...

Paul: Act Naturally
Steve: Lady Madonna
Paul: Let It Be
Steve: A Taste Of Honey
Paul: Slow Down, Day Tripper
Yoko: Oh! Darling, You Never Give Me Your Money
Steve: We Can Work It Out
Yoko: Honey Pie, Don't Let Me Down
Paul: Words Of Love
Steve: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Yoko: Ticket To Ride, I Need You
Steve: All I've Got To Do, A Hard Day's Night, Eight Days A Week, When I Get Home
I Wanna Be Your Man
Paul: Things We Said Today, Every Little Thing, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Steve: You Like Me Too Much
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
I'll Be Back
Paul & Yoko: All Together Now.... Help!
Steve: I Will, I Feel Fine, I'll Follow The Sun, Tomorrow Never Knows, When I'm Sixty-four Mr. Moonlight, Magical Mystery Tour, Taxman, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Wild Honey Pie, Polythene Pam, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Rock and Roll Music..... Happiness Is A Warm Gun....
Yoko: The Inner Light, Good Night
P.S. I Love You


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Mar 17, 2009
Wash, DC Metro
I was secretly hoping for lossless tracks. I already own all the Beatles I need on CD and vinyl.

This is NOT exciting news for me. :(


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Jul 25, 2002
I never owned any albums, tapes, or CDs by the Beatles. Now I can add digital audio files to that list. ;)


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Feb 25, 2010
Manchester, UK
Yep, why the hell they hyped this I don't know. There's nothing memorable about a release of 40-odd year old songs.

Really, Beatles fans will already have the music. The rest of us, those of us with taste, don't care whether you sell it or not anyway.


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Jun 20, 2007
Ok, I love Beatles songs as much as the next person, but if this is the big announcement, big nothing for me.


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Jan 8, 2004
I can already see that in ten years people are asking from friends "By the way, where were you when the Beatles appeared in iTunes Store?"
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