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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Salacion, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Apr 8, 2010
    This here is the beginning of a forum contest, an entertainment thread popular amongst other forum sites. The purpose of this contest is to not only entertain and amass participation, but aid in discovering new apps. So I ask you all, participate for what surely will be a great thread. Here is how it works.

    I will start by picking a specific app category. It can be absolutely anything, from Flashlight Apps to Racing Game Apps. For example's sake, let's say I choose "Battery Indicator Apps".

    Now everyone that decides to participate will name an app that they think is the best in the category. Post a one liner with the name of the chosen app (i.e. "Accura", "Battery Magic", "Nude Battery", "BatteryTime", etc. etc. Make sure to post the name of the company that creates the app as well. This is how your answer should look:

    BatteryTime by Laub Apps

    Now what follows is this. Once 48 hours have passed after the initial Category post, we will sum up all the apps, and the one app that was chosen the most will be the obvious best app of the category. Now, the person who decides the next category will be one of the people who chose the "best app". Here is a thread example if you're confused.

    And there you go. I will be in charge of summing up the apps and denoting the elapsed time. I will also be the tie breaker if a tie is present.

    I will begin this in a new post.
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