The Best Feature of The iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rocknblogger, Oct 24, 2011.

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    My previous phone was an EVO 4G. There were certain features I liked and a couple I will miss but that's a different conversation.

    The best feature of the iPhone 4S (And I'm not joking here) is that it works flawlessly as a telephone. When I have an incoming call and I use the slider to answer the phone it works 100% correctly, every single time.

    If I'm using an app, any app, and a call comes in the "Answer" button works 100% correctly every single time.

    If I'm composing an email or using the keyboard in some other app and a call comes in, I can answer the call 100% flawlessly every single time. And when done with the call it takes me back to whatever screen I was on prior to the call.

    The sound of the party I'm talking to is crystal clear. I've spoken to many different people on all different kinds of phones but they all sounded crystal clear.

    Now let me explain. When I had my EVO it got to a point that I stopped using it as a phone (for the most part). If I was using an app on my EVO I would end up either missing the call or sending the call to voice mail. I'm not an idiot but that's one thing that never quite worked right. I never knew what was going to happen when tapping the "Answer" button. Sometimes it did nothing. Other times there was a long enough delay that the call was sent to voice mail. And sometimes it would send me to the home screen.

    The only time it worked okay was if I wasn't using the phone for anything else and the phone call woke it from sleep. Then you simply swipe down and the call gets answered, most of the time. There were many times that it would send it to voice mail instead of answering the call.

    But if I was in app somewhere it was more a hassle and most of the time I had to call the party back.

    I now reach for my iPhone when I need to make a call and it's a pleasure when someone calls me to be able to answer it normally. Honest to God, there were times that I let the call go to voice mail and then used my land line to call the person back.

    There are some that will be skeptical and will say I'm exaggerating, but I assure you I'm not. I had the EVO for about a year and while it has some nice features the phone functions are lacking on Android.
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    Funny my iPhone did similar things, and now Galaxy just works as a telephone.
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    I've got a Desire and it does those exact things with answering calls ALL THE TIME. Can't wait to dump it for a 4S later in the week :D

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