The BEST time for my computer to DIE!


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Jul 2, 2005

Yes, I am all of those different emotions and more... :)

You see, last week I finally took my computer in (on a Friday) to get the left fan replaced. After talkin' it up with the Genius he ordered a left and right fan, along with a new logic board just in case for my old MBP. I was happy, lots of new parts! Happy MBP!
On Monday my computer has 12 Kernel Panics in a ROW!! My computer then does not start up!!! OMG! Frustrated :mad: I call Apple and demand a replacement! I already wasted time fixing it once and now its broken again!!! They don't comply so I ask a friend with free time to head out to the Apple Store for me and get it checked in again for another Logic Board.

Phase 3
It comes back BROKEN AGAIN
Sure, it starts up, by the graphics look like NASTY! :mad::eek: I cant even type a paper because I cant read the text!! AGH!! And it crashes when I run Expose! I call Apple Care AGAIN and DEMAND a replacement! They actually complied!!

So yes, tonight I packed up my MBP, put it at the Fed Ex station, and tomorrow my order will be processed for a brand new base model, MBP. My computer was the 1st generation MBP and now I get a BRAND NEW MBP on LEOPARDS RELEASE DATE!!! WHOO HOO!!

Apple Care said it would come with Tiger, but I have a funny hunch it will come with Leopard! :D

So exited!! CANT WAIT! :D:apple:


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Apr 2, 2005
nice to see they replaced it...even if it doesn't come with leopard you can still buy it for 10$...and considering you got a whole new computer I wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't come with the new OS. Hope the new one is good. Keep us posted.
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