The best way to transfer dpfs between Ipads and 'storage location'

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    For my work I have several Ipad mini's issued to several different staff members and they all have to complete a number interactive pdf documents (using pdf expert app) and once they have completed each pdf document I need them to submit those documents to a central location. I was hoping to have them submit it to the icloud associated with the apple id for these devices but icloud won't accept pdf's.

    The next best option was to submit these documents via email from each Ipad but that could be a pain in the butt because some of the pdf's are quite large and our work wi-fi network is very slow and unrelaible so I can image that if everybody is trying to email at the same time it will grind to a halt and not work at all. Ideally I would like people to trickle feed their pdf's to a storage location as soon as they are completed which would almost certainly spread out the load on the network over a wider period of time as opposed to everybody slamming emails through all at the same time at the end of their shifts.

    Can anybody else suggest an alternate way of uploading or collecting these pdf's? I even thought about Skydrive but I don't know enough about that yet and a staff member suggested that it wasn't secure. I'll have to look into it but I'm juggling a number of other projects so I was hoping to blatantly pick everybodies brains so i didn't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

    I hope my question makes sense and I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.

    Thanks heaps :)
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    thanks very much i never heard of that stratospherix before so I'll check that and drop box out.

    Thanks heaps for your suggestions :)

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