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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sean7512, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Sean7512 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 8, 2005
    Well, last night Sidney Crosby became the YOUNGEST player in all of NHL history to reach 100 points. I was lucky enough to be at the game, I have to say it was going crazy. This kid is amazing and all indications point towards him being another Lemieux. I am soo lucky, I was at the game when Lemieux scored his 600th goal and now I was at Crosby's 100th point game, I am soo happy. What do you guys think of him??
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    Jan 30, 2006
    Hey, that's awesome! I'm from Vancouver, but am living in Chapel Hill, NC. The only time I've seen Sid play on TV was when I was back in Vancouver last years, watching the world juniors on TV. He really was something special. Not to knock Ovechkin, but I really liked how Crosby played within a team concept - especially gratifying was watching him rock Ovechkin off his skates in the gold medal game. Not having seen much of him, how good of a goal scorer is he? Does he have the shoot the lights out kind of pure goal scorer touch? He sees the game as well as Gretz, but does he have the goal scoring touch of Lemieux? He's going to have an awesome career!
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    Jan 24, 2005
    St. Louis, MO
    Just imagine when Crosby gets more of a supporting cast...I was fortunate enough to see him when Pittsburgh came to play the best hockey team ever, my St. Louis Blues. :) :) He's immensely talented, and will be even better in 2-3 years.
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    Jun 8, 2005
    Of course, I am not taking anything away from Ovechkin, he is also EXTREMELY amazing...both players deserve the Calder this year, but we'll see. Crosby has 38 goals on the year so far, but I must say, he DOES have all of the goal scoring touch that makes him unstoppable. Yes, Ovechkin has 52 goals on the year, but one must look deeper through the stats...

    Crosby, 80 Games Played, 38 Goals, 62 Assists, -1, 273 Shots, 13.9 Shot %
    Alex O, 80 Games Played, 52 Goals, 53 Assists, +2, 421 Shots, 12.4 Shot %

    Notice the amount of shots, Ovechkin has soo many more, and therefore his shooting percentage is lower than Crosby's. Crosby is WAY LESS selfish, as can be seen by his large lead in assists and less shots. To score 38 goals on only 273 shots is really good, yes..I must say he has a goal scorers touch. He is also very strong on his skates, and he has great speed.

    One thing is IMMENSELY hurting Crosby is his inability to control his temper, he has toooooo many penalties from talking back to referees, and he is losing respect. I think that will go as he gets older, he is ONLY 18 still!! Ovechkin is 20, so he is obviously more mature. Lemieux was 19 when he got 100 points in his rookie year for comparison.
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    Feb 22, 2005
    Gah! Plymouth
    Ovechkin is about a thousand times better than Crosby.

    Who was on their olympic team out of the two?

    Crosby is one of the most overrated players i have seen in a long long time in my opinion.

    Alexander the Great is where it is at
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    Mar 31, 2004
    A geographical oddity
    Living in Washington, I really got annoyed early on when everybody was raving about Alex. I really enjoyed watching Mario play, as I was a huge fan of the Gretzky/Lemieux/Hull trio in the early 90s (I love the Blues).

    But, watching him play, he has incredible balance. He can score just as easily as he can pass. I think that his stats reflect this. Also, you look at Alex, and while his supporting cast isn't Blues bad, it isn't all that good. I'm not surprised that he takes a larger share of the shots. Crosby seems good, and may be better at 20 than Alex, but I think that he has to develop mentally and emotionally - that is something that coesn't come with age. And all this hype cannot be helping him.

    I think that while you can talk all you want about Crosby's potential, Alex has had a better season and has been a better rookie.

    What I would like to see is an accounting of how much the game has opened this year compared to the recent past and see what their tallys would have been otherwise. Because, right now, I really don't give a flying who-ha about 100 points. Maybe in the future we can stop those comparisons, but during the transitional years we have to.
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    Nov 17, 2003
    Yes, clearly 1000x better. The number of points each has clearly shows this.

    That was a political decision made by Gretzky and Hockey Canada not to go with younger players.
    Yes, Clearly scoring 100 points in your rookie season and the youngest to do so makes you overrated. This kid is not only good now, but his potential to get even better is huge.

    We'll see.
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    Feb 22, 2005
    Gah! Plymouth
    Ah yes Points is only what makes a player good these days.
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    Jun 8, 2005
    You Guys Want to Talk About Supoorting Cast???

    Alright, lets play supporting cast....Crosby is playing on a line with freaking Colby Armstrong and Andy Hilbert. Two complete no-names until this year. Crosby has that ability to make players around him shine, just as Gretzkey and Lemieux. Ovechkin's line-mates, Andrew Cassels and Chris Clark are performing as expected, they seem not to have benefitted from having such a talented guy on their line. Cassels is actually playing marginally worse than previous season.

    Alright, you don't believe me how well guys around Crosby are playing? Lets look, this year when Andy Hilbert played for Chicago he had 28 Games Played, 5 Goals, 4 Assists, and rated a -4. Since joining pittsburgh, he as practically doubled his productivity in only 18 games, having 7 goals, 9 assists, and a +8! And he only joined Crosby's line 2 weeks ago.

    What about Jani Rita, a pathetic worn-out "superstar." The Penguins acquired him, and he stunk the place up...literally. He had maybe 2 weeks on Crosby's line and he magically started to score, in fact if my memory serves me right he had ALL 7 points with the Penguins in a SHORT 2 week (Maybe) span. Since he was moved in favor of Andy Hilbert, he has been silenced. So, Crosby seems to have the magic to bring out more from guys.

    One last thing, what about head-to-head, Crosby EASILY out-shined Ovechkin EVERY-TIME they played each other this year. Enough said, Crosby performs the same, if not better, when the spotlight is on him, Ovechkin has had trouble.
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    Jul 11, 2003
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