The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium would indicate a pretty major update

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    In case you didn't see (macrumors kind of buried it on their iOS blog), rumors are indicating that the massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF may be the home of the next big Apple presentation. It's *so* big, that its size is the very reason some people think that it can't possibly be held there. Standing room is over 6,000 (though seated, less).

    The sidewalks outside have been shut down to foot traffic and the building has been surrounded by security and construction workers who won't speak to the media about the event. Through public records searches, it's been discovered that it's been booked for Sept 4th through 10th by an otherwise unknown "Adams & Associates LLC" for an unspecified "Trade Show" that is apparently not being promoted or discussed anywhere publicly. They are also shutting down the street outside the building on Sept 9th (the day of the expected announcement) and are affixing an unspecified 15-foot tall logo to the outside window above the main entryway of the historic San Fran building where the Apple II was first announced.

    Holding it in this building would seem to indicate some pretty big things are in store. The upcoming iPhone hardware and software details are fairly well known, but quite little is known about how big this Apple TV launch will be and how its new OS and features might impact the TV industry (as well as connected home devices). We shall see.
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    Hah, via the SF chronicle:

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    The venue has been confirmed:


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