The "Bugs" have invaded :-{

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lindeelouky, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Sep 29, 2006
    lexington, KY
    Proud owner of a G4 Powerbook, 17". Just got it for myself around Christmas.
    It has been absolutely perfect, when it is on with my airport...I am in heaven.
    Small things have started to happen, similar to what happens when you have a new car. You park away from other cars so it won't get a wash it and keep the trash picked up, but eventually it turns into a normal car and needs normal maintenance. This is happening to my mac, ;-(
    Little things have all started to mount up until now I worry in a real way.
    The screen dims when I turn the power on and I have to go into my preferences and manually increase the contrast, but it always goes back to
    a low setting. OK, pain in the butt, but OK. When I go in to change the contrast, my display settings, another resolution may be highlighted and it
    automatically changes it without my prompting. Another not so big issue...
    BTW- I did buy the $249 3 year extended coverage plan for technical assistance, more on that later.
    Widgets were at first cool, then they pop up and go away and I then hated them. I had no control. I don't use a mouse, just my keypad. They never worked, no info would pop up, just a pain. OK, now, I lost my font book, it is just not there anymore. Can't do anything about it, except after troubleshooting with my technical helper, reinstall the entire operating system. I had a 9 to I could use a version of Illustrator 9, and for that reason only. When I got Illustrator CS2, I kept the 9 for fear of doing something awful by throwing it away. I guess I am just scared to do a complete reinstall of the OSX. Don't know what I might have happen by mistake. Now, the littlest thing has made me finally just get so upset...
    the "U" key sticks. Every single sentence I write has to be highly thought out since a typo can occur anytime - like occr anytime. See? So, I got the spray out and tried to clean out any debris that might have it sticking.
    I went to my Help menu and there is no help for a sticking key, but there is for "sticky keys". I just hang my new car now has all the dents,
    dings, Mcdonald bags in the backseat, missing buttons on the stereo, crack in the windshield, and it's the same old feeling with my mac. It's sad, and I don't know if I should just give up or keep attacking the message boards and google-ing every little thing. So, this is off my chest, and my first post.
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    Apr 29, 2005
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    That is a very hard post to read. And probably why you won't get many replies. You have to learn to simplify your point into sectioned paragraphs.

    Anyway, what kind of maintenance have you done on your machine? All the basics should be done, and in particular the Hard Drive verification from Disk Utilities (it really can help). Permissions also.

    And what about the 3 Year warranty? You said "more on that later" but said nothing more about it. Take the computer in and get your computer sorted out because it is not even 2 years old! Don't get pessimistic that your Mac is already becoming a future junkyard piece. You have another 4 years to look forward to in that machine.

    Pick your chin up and do something!

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