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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Tulipo, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I haven’t seen any threads on the Case by slickwraps so I thought I’d start one up.

    I ordered the carbon fiber series in gun metal for the 5S. Overall, I am pleased with the case. It’s not bulky at all and in my opinion looks pretty nice. I especially like the added grip the soft rubber-ish sides provide.

    The case comes with the skin of your choice already installed. You will need to install the face, camera cut out, volume rocker cut out, bottom, and top. It also comes with a screen shield that will only cover the touch screen area of the front.

    Installation was painless for the cutouts but the face was a little tricky to line up. I didn’t have much luck with the screen shield, but I prefer the iPhone glass over plastic screen protectors.

    One thing to note is that touch ID works flawlessly with the face skin installed.

    The case is a little pricey at 34.99 but it seems like they always have coupon codes posted on their site. Also, the case comes with a coupon towards the purchase of another skin for the case. I believe it covers most, if not all of the cost.

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