The choice, new imac 2012 or rMBP 15"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by beerglass007, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. beerglass007 macrumors 6502

    May 13, 2008
    So I've waited and waited and finally have the spec for a 21.5" imac 2012

    Seem's the GPU in the 21.5" is the same as the rMBP but with less RAM.

    So should I get the rMBP 15" base model ?

    I love OSX and don't want to windows, period.

    But I do light gaming and looking forward to the new SIM CITY in February next year.

    Currently I have a 2010 iMac i3
  2. mohsy90 macrumors 65816


    Feb 4, 2011
    New York
    They're completely different products, so you need to factor in whether you need the portability and retina display. The price difference is $900. So answer these questions first. If you dont need either, iMac is the clear choice.
  3. beerglass007 thread starter macrumors 6502

    May 13, 2008
    I had a MBP before and decided on an iMac because I had an Ipad.

    I'm now liking the rMBP display, after using my ipad 3. I also like the SSD and wouldn't mind the option of sitting in a different room with a full blown desktop replacement ( laptop )

    The iMac is nice with the extra 21.5" screen, but sometime miss the portability.

    How about the difference in GPU between these hey ?

    What do people think ?
  4. rmwebs macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2007
    Just throwing this into the mix for you as its a potential option:

    Neither. Get the air and a nice 3rd party display.
  5. beerglass007 thread starter macrumors 6502

    May 13, 2008
    The air has loud fans, when I used a 13" 2012 air and loaded a few games it started to make a noise ( fans )

    Also the HD4000 GPU isn't as good is it ?
  6. kylera macrumors 65816


    Dec 5, 2010
    For everyday computing, it's more than enough. If you're serious about gaming, a Windows box is the way to go, though.
  7. cirus macrumors 6502a

    Mar 15, 2011
    imac 21.5 inch is going to have problems with only 512 MB vram. I doubt you will see much difference between the 640 and the 650 because of the vram wall.
  8. rmwebs macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2007
    Never really had a loud fan issue on my 2011 air myself. It had the older Intel Hd 3000 GPU and was capable of running Portal 2, GTA SA, Civ 5 and a few other games perfectly fine on an external display (1900x1080 Samsung Syncmaster P2450 via a mini-Displayport => DVI cable).

    The air is pretty underrated. People see the GPU and CPU and think its going to be a slow pile of crap, but its the complete opposite IMO.
  9. InlawBiker macrumors 6502

    Apr 6, 2007
    I was going to suggest this too. I was waiting for the new iMacs forever. Last summer I finally bought a 2011 15" MB Pro at a steep discount.

    I upgraded to SSD and 16GB RAM for cheap and use an external monitor. Really, 128gb SSD's are very cheap right now, under $100. $69 for 16GB memory. Unreal!

    An Air or older Pro with these upgrades, plus an external monitor is a lot of power you can carry with you when you need to.
  10. yusukeaoki macrumors 68030


    Mar 22, 2011
    Tokyo, Japan
    Get the iMac.
    It has way better specs and worth the money.
    Paying over 1600USD for a machine without dedicated GPU or quad core is stupid.
    Then just buy a MBA.
  11. tommy h macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2012
    long island newyork
    Portability is a beautiful thing, i record with protools any where i want and can mix with headphones any where i want, cant beat it


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