The complete list of "missing" iPhone features.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by h4lp m3, Jan 24, 2014.

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    This is part I/3 of a class project to see if we can improve IOS for iPhone. In this part, I will attempt to compile an extensive "wish list" of features that the iPhone is missing. Part II will be polling across several message boards and after a the votes are tallied up, we will create an online petition for Apple to adopt the #1 "missing feature" as voted by you.

    PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE FEATURES, as the polling will commence in the following weeks when we advance to Pt. II. That said, I will start it off with a feature that I believe should be included in iOS for iPhone:

    * Safari history timestamps.

    Please keep it short and simple. Thank you for your participation.
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    Macro Buttons or (smart) Shortcuts. Whatever combination of keystroke that I do repeatedly I want to assign a single button that will execute that, ideally with some intelligence. I want to be able to write s short script and assign it to this button.

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