The Core SmartCase finally released for iPad 3 !

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by fredsarran, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Hello folks,

    I started a new thread due to not being able to find the previous one started by another member, about this case "The Core SmartCase" found here :

    Here is a picture :

    It is now for sale from the link above, I placed one order for the orange one and will report how I like it but based on the photos, it looks great :)


    I today received the above case. Here is my report :

    GOOD :
    - Very well packaged and protected. Came bubble wrapped.
    - The case looks as good as what you see on the photos.
    - Magnets sleep/wake function works fine.
    - Manufacturing quality is top. In some ways, better than the other higher priced cases.
    - Everything seems aligned for the iPad 3 beside ....

    BAD :
    - The part where you put in your iPad 3, it is gel and not hard. It will not damage your iPad due to being soft but areas such as the connector port, the gel is a but flimsy. Otherwise it feels good in hands.
    - The stitches at the back, from the orange part to the gel, are very well done but I can see that it will get loose over time.
    - The camera is not perfectly centred with the cover but in now way the cover comes in the way :) Also it not the most obvious, only if OCD and looking real near.
    - When folding back the "Smart Cover", it does not goes flat agains the back, due to the design of the cover.

    I will add more when I found more to add, just need to test it. Otherwise, for the price and the way it looks, it is simply stunning.

    I would love to read other people comments if they have the case.
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    Jun 15, 2008
    I updated my thread with a quick review above.
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    This looks interesting, can you post some pictures of your case please, if possible one with the cover folded back? Also, is there some sort of a "lip" around the bezel where dust can accumulate or is the bezel completely exposed (which is how I like)? How long did it take for the case to ship and get to you?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Jun 15, 2008

    I will post some later when I'm at home.

    The case goes slightly over the bezel but I can't see any dust accumulating due to carrying my cased iPad into a zipped pouch :)

    When the cover is folded back to the case, flat against, it is not the best feel but I can live with that, just depends what you do with the iPad.

    However it works really well when the cover is in "triangle" mode.

    It took around 7 days from ordering to receiving. They where quick to dispatch but the Hong Kong postal service took their time (you can track the order on the free delivery option).

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