The creepiness factor with online tech services

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by ugahairydawgs, Jan 24, 2013.

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    There's a lot made these days of the boundaries that Google pushes with their data collection efforts. Be it scanning emails for targeted ads, using a back door hole in mobile Safari, skimming open wifi networks, or just the inherent problems with their street view project, they are going to great lengths in order compiles huge stockpiles of user info. To their credit.....they are (mostly) up front about it. They tell you what they want to do and we all, at some point or another, willingly sign up for it.

    A few questions for everyone.

    1.) Is this considered creepy to you? Do you have a problem with them creating such a large database of info on you and keeping track of all they keep track of? Do you worry about what they could potentially do with that info in the future or what would happen if a hacker got a hold of it?

    2.) How common do you think this is across the board? We already know Facebook does for it users, but does Microsoft keep similar databases of Live/Skype/Outlook users? Does Apple for iCloud users? (That's a legit question.....I don't know the answer)

    3.) Has social media softened us on this type of thing? We seem to have become a society that is all to willing to divulge a lot of info about ourselves and everyone around us. The number of people that put info on Facebook about their kids and all of the movements their family makes (complete with location data) has always been something I've had a hard time grasping. Does this contribute to our willingness to hand over our data to companies like Google without a second thought?

    Interested to see what everyone thinks on this.

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