The demise of the iPad... Apple's fault?

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    I'm not being facetious but I'm genuinely curious how you feel about the iPad, those like me; I've owned 'em all. I 'lined up' in 2010 and '11 and I'm definitely a fan!
    That said, and as an owner with 'hoarding' challenges, a beautiful wife, kids and mortgage... I was made to recently 'clean out my closet!' "Today!" (Direct quote)
    I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the weekend, she was shocked and enjoyed the 'night out' paid for with plenty left... the used iOS device stack, comprised mainly of iPads
    Craigslist, a weekend home and 'responsive' (to the communications;)) - I made nearly a large, so close to a thousand bucks it was silly! I had one Air 2 Air 1, mini 2 x 2 and an iPad 2 as well, an original and all with their respective, matching boxes as well as old 30 pin 'wraps' for the iPad 1, 2, & 4. And I ended up keeping the Air 2 because I'd not replaced having an iPad IPad!
    I sold it the following week and ended up making $1300 by taking care and keeping clean, maintained and original boxes ended up important to the buyers.
    I was going to just lay them out at the garage sale she was hurrying me to sell my 'closet' gear at - but I was smart, and in a little over 24 hours - six folks were enjoying my 'old' gear, with my info in case of issues, and 'recently' (mentioned earlier, when I did this) was last August... a nice boon for the family before school and --- even more intriguing, it got me thinking as an MR regular.
    While reading this board over a decade and listening to the usual doorknob decrying the 'i____' (fill in the blank) piece of hardware or the latest OS software features - hardware/software and of course today's soapbox is a hoot .... all from folks who have 'warned us' they knew the fire and brimstone was just hours away... and iPad's demise, all but certain and the one they bought in "Oh-Eight" just collects dust... yada yada yada ...yet here I'm selling six year old, first generation, unsupported devices to an appreciative audience, willing to spend a couple cases, 50% the original price for three or four year old hardware.
    That still works perfectly.
    And that's where I believe Apple's at fault for the glut in iPad sales. They're built too well! As a testimony, my sale six months ago, and the fact not one of the folks that bought my iPads has called me for help, to complain or to threaten;) they're all still working just fine. And for a person checking email, Facebook, surfing the web for simple info, maybe a couple simple games and organization of media - the iPad of 2008 will work just fine. Slow? Yes. Up to date? No. Dated - yes and all the other we, at MR know - it's EOL'ed and next to worthless. To us.
    To the gal that bought the Air 1 128GB LTE model, her first with more than 16GB, and cellular capability! The couple who bought the minis, I met them at ATT and helped them set up before their vacation, download a movie, they were exstatic! A 'collector' was first to call, beg me to hold the original iPad until he could see it 'power on' - funny dude and happier than a pig in mud.

    I hadn't used a couple in years. I felt kinda selfish and then over time, better for showing others unlike us that wouldn't dream of spending a thousand bucks on an iPad that apparently, they're the smarter ones - or ignorance is bliss or ...never mind - I've paid for each of our iPads many times over with our business and in comparison with just five years ago, we've gone from 'piloting iPad use' to iPad as primary 'street weapon' for employees. I don't see it mentioned when comparing with a laptop/MacBook but IMHO - 'always connected' LTE (fast) mobile internet has, along with the iOS/iPad innovations, been the biggest change to the business I've run for 30 years, and did so in the fastest time with the fewest issues and, having since required 15-20% the maintenance and man hours to have them deployed. They're incredibly resilient, with phenomenal performance and battery efficiency with extraordinary displays legible in sunlight and connected to the 'net w/speed, w/o wires.

    I'm still a huge fan of my retina MacBook Pros, still dig the 5k iMac and Apple TV is awesome. But along with the iPhone and it's change to 'my workflow', organization and ability to run the business as well, the iPad and its ability to replace the twice as expensive, unconnected to the 'net, with less battery and in a heavier package without the portability... and ultimately the third party development community from the biggest in creation; Adobe, Autodesk, Scrivener and Ulysses, ProCreate ('Logan' ...the new movie about Wolverine (X-Men fame) - it's promotional 'vertical' theater poster was made, designed and 'artisted' on the iPad Pro - and when time for the IMAX release, he (artist) dis the Same for the horizontal IMAX poster in Times Square!) --- the list long and distinguished and as a Logic X/FCP X user, recent updates to Logic, along with new updates to Lightroom from Adobe, their HDR mode shooting (& stitching, processing) - as well as the continuity and 'handoff' abilities between macOS and iOS today, native apps on iOS device for controlling OS X or macOS software remotely or from different room locations is a God Send! Seriously, iOS and the App Store has absolutely changed a heritage business, family owned and exponentially impacted output, production and confidence while planning vs the impossible before. Guessing.
    And the artist that drew the Logan movie promo poster.
    I would bet, like me, he too relies on the iPad to pay his mortgage. And while he's probably enjoying a few extra commas on his checks than I. We both have found 'professional' or 'paid' usage scenarios repeatable using an iPad as our primary computational tool.
    So have airline and fighter pilots
    I heard a bird talking 'bout a Disney animated flick coming soon, drawn and created either primarily, possibly wholly on iPad Pro... and using iPhone shots.

    Again my iMac and MacBook Pro are going nowhere anytime soon. But I do find myself often having to remember to update one due to its lack of use

    My six cents

    So, TL/DR
    the iPad market is saturated with devices still working just fine! Including the earliest models, not to mention continued support by Apple for the older devices has made them much more like a computer investment than the personal investment we think of our smartphones
    I don't believe they're going anywhere and I feel like the opposite is true. As more folks use hand me down units, used or pre owned tablets like iPad - once they have a chance to play with a current iPad, they'll be hooked -- as the time comes to start replacing essentially the 'first run' in human history of usable computers in tablet form and we're seeing it's infancy
    Desktops are nearly out, other than AIOs
    Laptops are the focus of the OEMs but 'convertible', hybrid and '2 in 1' are the 'ultrabook' buzzwords - all trying to achieve parity with perfection that is iPad and iPhone married with the App Store and an OS X/macOS counterpart at main base - no problems
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    Apr 9, 2010
    I'm confused. You entitled this thread "the demise of the iPad" but then go on to talk about how you believe that the future is iPads rather than notebook/desktops. :confused:
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    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    The OP's thread post is completely convoluted. In any case, the thread title doesn't correlate with what your talking about. The iPad is still a very predominant media device, which many use as an in between their Laptop and iPhone. I wouldn't say it's the "Demise" of anything due to Apple, because technology is ever changing.
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    Good for you! I didn't even try.
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    May 3, 2011
    Too long a post...started to read it and saw it just drag on.

    Was there a point you wanted to make?
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    Didn't read it, then why comment?

    Short interpretation? iPad is really useful and really well made. A lot more would be sold if they failed/became obsolete at a faster rate. They hold their resale value very well. The OP is a big fan.

    I still have my First Generation (though not the box), and have a 12.9" Pro. Should anyone complain that they're built too well, besides the Wall St. types who would rather see a two-year lifespan on any electronic device? Overall, the installed base keeps rising, even when sales are flat or falling. The larger the installed base, the more replacements will be needed, when the time comes. It ain't dying, it's just not taking the world by storm.

    Anyone who feels iPad is "predominantly a media device" (presumably meaning a media playback device) just isn't trying to use it for any other purpose. Those who say it can't replace a PC are probably trying to use it to do exactly what they do on a PC, in exactly the same way. Sorry, it has to be taken on its own terms, just like those who try to use a computer/word processor as if it was a manual typewriter are missing the point.
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    The TL;DR needs its own TL;DR.

    I *think* I get what you're saying--

    (1) You had a bunch of iPads sitting around, were hen-pecked and forced to sell them. They all work great.
    (2) iPads are built too well, and that's why people don't upgrade them as often as phones.
    (3) Despite that, iPads are not in a "demise" mode, arguing against your thread's title.

    I also believe you shouldn't smoke reefer and then post something on MacRumors. Just an inference here.
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    Apr 9, 2010
    I'm a big proponent of looking at the big picture at WHAT needs to get done rather than HOW it is done. I've had great success in restructuring my workflows to be optimized to the strengths of the 12.9 iPad Pro. But that only goes so far.

    There are some significant gaps (some hardware, but mostly OS and software) that prevent the iPP from going further. For example: No amount of reworking the workflows is going to overcome the awkwardness in working around the sandboxed file system.

    Another example: Although there is (as best as I can tell) perfect file compatibility between the iOS and macOS versions of iWork, there are limitations to the functionality of the iOS versions that prevent it from creating certain types of documents that CAN be created in the macOS version.
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    Mar 7, 2006
    The iPad is the one device I don't feel compelled to regularly upgrade, yet I use it daily. I agree with the OP, it probably does take a bite out of potential profits, but it's made so well it just doesn't want to break easily. And any iPad made in the last few years is powerful enough to surf the web, watch YouTube and Netflix, social media, and email. They make great hand downs to family members or the used market.
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    Obviously that's a case of "your mileage may vary". Personally I've never had an issue with the way files work in iOS that was anything more than a very minor disruption (in the most extreme cases). Getting files on and off the iPad via Cloud services is blissfully simple - even when your corporate team has tight security policies.

    The ONLY complaint (if I had to complain about something) would be that I would love for there to be an Airdrop for Windows 10 (and that's less a complaint and more a feature request). Of course, given the abismal Windows iTunes experience, I'm not holding my breath.
  12. PhoneI macrumors 68000

    Mar 7, 2008
    update the OS to add more iPad specific features (not just a blown up iPhone OS), and add trackpad support.

    This would make it a killer travel computer.
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    IMO Apple addresses the issue youre talking about with iOS. I agree, iPads are well built, and my iPad 1 is still working just fine. But like it, the reason people are forced to upgrade is because iOS updates are no longer supported on older hardware. Which really isnt a bad thing as long as apple stops support on a version that still has the maximum performance for that power; but it seems like their stretch to still include older devices with new gimmicky updates only seems to slow down the tablets where it wouldve been better off keeping the old version iOS. All in all, if the use a simple, the speed may not be a problem. The real issue is when new apps cant be downloaded because of an unsupported iOS version.

    I personally wouldnt mind a 2-3 year refresh cycle for the iPads, but thats coming from someone still rocking an iPhone 5S just because it still works.
  14. Legendts macrumors regular


    Apr 3, 2012
    Victoria Australia
    Could not agree more. Totally on the money and I am about to update my iPad 3 when the new ones are released.
  15. jonnyb098 macrumors 68030


    Nov 16, 2010
    Does no one seem to understand that iPads pretty much ARE the new computer as it were?! They have a similar life cycle as computers. Why is it a big deal that all Apple does is make them a little better and faster each year.......EXACTLY LIKE THEY DO WITH COMPUTERS.

    Besides it's all about apps. Without software the hardware means nothing. I'd rather have apple concentrate on those things to keep the highest quality apps and games on iPad. Showing off 8 core graphics chips, etc. don't mean a thing when they're fostering an ecosystem of candy crush type freemium garbage. There's another thread on this but I think apple missed a huge opportunity to pretty much make iPads like a Nintendo Switch. Along with Apple TV. But that's my opinion.

    All in all, iPads are awesome for what they do and can do but aren't being utilized by many including developers to harness their true potential. As far as Apple, I'm not sure what else people want them to do.....split screen multitasking isn't enough? Oh that's right they need to make some hybrid OS and copy Microsoft for the few loud dorks on here that actually want that. You do that and it's not a device grandma can use anymore. The beauty of the iPad is that a 90 day old or a 90 year old can use the device. That's cool. And that's what it's all about. When I handed my iPad to my 90 year old grandfather who never touched one in his life and he just started tapping and swiping on pictures......that's magic. Never would happen with a laptop or some Frankenstein OS people want.
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    Mar 10, 2008
    I guess my point being ultimately... did Apple build the iPad too well - with excellent construction, incredible stamina between its hardware 'parts' and complete lack of the need to service it. As well as iOS updates from Apple supporting up to four and five year old devices...
    Hence, the title. Did they saturate a market with tablets that are still 'great', work fine and are still being updated, while the transition from the desk/laptop 'need' of a generation to tablets and phones being the primary computing device for most...

    Sorry, it was definitely too long and very convoluted. I'd just read a paper on the inevitable doom of the tablet/iPad, and compared it more to a passing fad.

    I just think Apple builds 'me as well as their computers, therefore the need to replace it because of performance deterioration is extended, along with continued iOS updates and development support with apps.
    --- Post Merged, Mar 16, 2017 ---
    I've been using 'Documents' from Readle with both Dropbox and iCloud syncing, as well as macOS/iOS's handoff/continuity has made my entire idea of file management change. Even projects I do in After Effects, Audition or FCPX are nested their own way... with so many 'branches' - patches, saves and versions, plugins and instruments/virtual or studio, building out a file management system like I did with Win 95-98, XP & OS X seems archaic! Especially when I go in to the project folders and drill down, mine was never so organized lol

    ...for the iOS management I do need, I've found that between Documents along with Dropbox/OneDrive/Drive and iCloud, I'm organized and most of the management I was very anal about' photos, media, etc are already situated perfectly and simple, efficient to find

    I'm with you though, my video and some of my photography still is being done on the MacBook Pro
  17. Deacon-Blues macrumors 6502a


    Aug 15, 2012

    Okay I skimmed. Like I did War and Peace. I think there is a real future in iPads. I use mine way more than my computer.
  18. gobikerider Suspended


    Apr 15, 2016
    United States
    . I couldn't tell what was being said
  19. AppleRobert macrumors 603

    Nov 12, 2012
    Apple screwed up, the device is too good so a newer one is not really needed. It is why IPad sales have been lagging over the years.

    They ain't getting any more money out of me. I am happy with what I have. :)
  20. gobikerider Suspended


    Apr 15, 2016
    United States
    There about to get my money. I have a Air 2 and it does everything fine yet I need. Keyboard and I hate all the Bluetooth ones. The keyboard and pencil alone have me set to upgrade. Also 4Gbs of ram and A10X processor don't hurt anything either.
  21. Altis macrumors 68030

    Sep 10, 2013
    Don't worry -- an impending irreversible iOS update will ruin it before you know it. ;)
  22. gobikerider Suspended


    Apr 15, 2016
    United States
    The days of iOS updates ruining a device I think are beginning to end as even the iPad 4 on iOS 10 possibly its last update doesn't run like crap, yah the age of the hardware shows in load times but for checking email, typing documents, checking Facebook and stuff it is totally fine. I'm very curious as to what feature or iOS version will show the first actual slow down on the iPad Air 2 as so far it's still running good if not better then iOS 8 ram.
  23. Altis macrumors 68030

    Sep 10, 2013
    2 months after having to move my iPhone 6 to iOS 10, I beg to differ. 100% fresh install (nothing restored due to backup issue)...

    My battery life is around 60% of what it was before. There is tons of additional delays and lag, input blocking, etc. I dislike most of the design/UI changes (notification center and iMessage in particular). I also now can't just get the photos off it by mounting as a drive.

    I'd go back to 9.3 in a heartbeat if I could. I thought I'd just get used to it but it's really noticeable, having to constantly repeat inputs, and having to worry about battery consumption.
  24. gobikerider Suspended


    Apr 15, 2016
    United States
    You did something wrong because a iPhone 5s can run iOS 10 perfectly. Also Air 2 has 2gb ram and extra core in processor so iPhone 6 is slower yet. But it should be running fine and input blocking is something they speciffaclt removed in iOS 10
  25. DougFNJ macrumors 65816


    Jan 22, 2008
    My thoughts are that lagging sales always lead to speculation that iPad is in process of demise. I feel that is due to the high bar that is set by Apple across the board, so when something is not selling as aggressively by Apple's standards, that product is doomed to fail. Had any other company sold the iPad product as their single business, the company would be considered a huge success.

    I am one that upgrades my iPhone annually, and did the same with the iPad until iPad mini with retina came along. I made it easier to do by keeping my gadgets in mint condition and keeping boxes, paperwork, and accessories together. Selling my old one made the new one much more affordable. Typically the iPhone has always been heavily subsidized, so upgrading annually has always been easier to do. Now with the price mixed in with the monthly bills and carriers offering annual upgrades with those plans vs the 2 year upgrade cycles, I am sure annual iPhone sales will see an increase.

    The iPad Air 1 was the first IOS hardware update on an Apple product I skipped. The only reason I upgraded from Air 2 to Pro 9.7 was because that Pencil was a feature I had longed for since the first release. 13" Pro was too big, they perfected it in the 9.7" size. Unless there is something really major that I personally really must have, I may actually skip the next update. I think it is easier to be happier with the iPad line for a longer time where my device is not as heavily subsidized by the carrier as the iPhone, and the upgrades have not been significant with changes that make a lot of people feel the "need" to upgrade. Air 2 was not a significant enough upgrade for the majority of people to feel that they "needed" to upgrade. Same with iPad Air 2 to Pro 9.7".

    My last thought on this is that I think the cycle of the iPad is shorter, but at the same time similar to a MacBook. They typically give you spec bumps between cycles, but don't typically change the designs as dramatically or as often as the IOS products. The Spec bumps don't typically find average users standing in line for the spec bumps, and the average user typically hangs on to their MacBooks 3-5 year and many cases longer. That doesn't signal demise either.

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