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Jan 24, 2005
You have your iPod for your iTunes, Garageband and iPhoto;
You have DVDs for your iDVD and iMovie;
Apple needs a storage medium for your keynotes!

I think that it would be a major thing...maybe the iPod slideshow or iPod keynote...just like an iPod shuffle with a projector type device (like a laserpointer). Or, as an addon for the current 30 and 60 gig iPods, and the screens would be able to display notes, etc. for your presentation.

It would also make it less of a hassle for people who want to make keynotes but can't stand having to export them as flash or as microsoft's format causing awful distortion (I brought a KN to class in the microsoft format and a lot of the slides has letters cut off, and all of my slide transitions were gone).

Then, all Apple needs is a printer for Pages and you'll be able to take all of your Apple media on the go!


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Dec 30, 2004
Sounds good but then how were they going to make the projector bilt in a also be at a good level of performance :confused:


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
mcmav37 said:
What about just using the iPod photo along with this software ? Isn't this what you are looking for?
Hmmm, that's interesting. i didn't know there were projectors that could run off of flash cards. But you have to put the presentation on the flash card, from the computer (or maybe the iPod), in order to get it on the projector, with this. I guess someone could make a cable of sorts that went from the iPod to the compactflash port on the projector, but I doubt that an iPod could power a project that doesn't have that doesn't exactly have an ATI card in it. ;) And you're out of luck for ceiling-mounted projectors.

Is there something wrong, btw, with just taking your laptop? I have given two presentations on campus this semester with my iBook, and a third coming up on Friday. Here, we have podiums with computers built into them, which typically have aux cables hanging around into which one can plug one's notebook. Or else just steal the monitor cable from the back of the main computer connected to the projector. I use PPT and not Keynote, but it isn't obvious to me how it's different.

I also use my BT mouse as a remote control. :D I could use my cell, I guess, with VETA and Romeo, but I haven't gotten around to paying for the half of that combo that isn't free yet. Then I could go backwards and forwards! :cool: Better yet, there needs to be a BT version of those mice that have gyro sensors in them, so that they can be used in free-space, that matches Apple hardware appearance-wise. But I digress. :D


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Jan 19, 2003
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You can already run PowerPoint and keynote from an iPod Photo, albeit without the fancy transitions.

You'll need to export you presentations as individual slides, (only possible in Keynote 2) and then import them to a folder, then simply run the folder.

I tried it last week and it works like a charm, it's also a great backup for presentations should your PowerBook fail.

Shame it can't run video.


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Dec 20, 2003
Platform said:
Sounds good but then how were they going to make the projector bilt in a also be at a good level of performance :confused:
hmm iPod with built in projector... lets call it the HugePod... remember you need a rather big lens, lamp, cooling system etc to make a projector work...

this won't happen... other manufacturers make great projectors, if you want it buy it...

just buy a small projector (low res low light... thats the consequence with small projectors... Sony used to make a very small one, connect the iPodPhoto onto it and you get the possibility to do your projection thingie for the people wandering how to connect it?? get the photodock, and the A/V cable, even ceilingmounted projectors have cables running down to some connectors where you easy can connect any device, vga/dvi and Video... no need for a videocard in teh iPod, just use the videofeed from the iPod and connect it... is tis so hard to understand??
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