"the disk cannot be read from or written to" itunes importing


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I'm trying to import my songs into iTunes and I'm getting an error message "the disk cannot be read from or written to." iTunes then freezes my computer and I'm forced to restart. I have a Western Digital My Book external hard drive. I'm trying to copy a folder with music, to itunes, which stores the music on the same drive (Plenty of space - 500gb). What is the problem?


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Jun 27, 2006
Seattle, WA
Yes and to no avail. This is a brand new External HD too

I just found out that it's MS DOS formatted. Should i reformat to journaled OSX?
I would try that and see if that fixes it. Although I have not had good luck with Western Digital hard drives, so it might be a bad drive.


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Jul 3, 2007
I have the exact same drive. I formatted it to extended journaled.
I just got done copying all the data from my slowly crashing LaCie 500GB.
Reformat it and you should have NO TROUBLE!
This is my second WD drive, and my 250 GB drive is still working great after 5 years.:D


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Thanks tooshaggy and iBookG4User. I hope it works. I'm slowly but surely dragging 50,000 songs, and about 600 movies over lol. My family and I have had a 80GB WD hard drive for about the same amount of time. Never failed. Hopefully this new investment won't either anymore.