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    One of the negative things I always read in iPhones reviews is the battery life, but strangely it's one of the things that's always impressed me with iPhones.

    Lately a few of my friends have asked how I achieve such great battery life and I've told them some of the things I do. Some they're aware of but quite often I'll mention things that people have missed or not thought of. The last person I spoke to jokingly said I should post a guide online, and I thought why not. Even if this guide helps only a few people it's worth it.

    The thing with this guide is none of the changes really affect how you use your phone, no big things which low power mode does such as turn off push notifications and set your screen to dim seemingly straight away which for me is essential.

    So in no particular order, here is my top 10 list of things I do to my iPhone to preserve battery life. I hope it helps some of you.

    1) Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

    2) Use auto brightness instead of manual.

    3) Turn raise to wake off, it's a cool feature and it works pretty well but there are times where the screen will light up when you pick up your phone and you haven't needed to look at the screen. For instead if you just pick it off a table to put in your pocket. With the screen being the biggest battery drain on the iPhone I think just pressing the sleep or home button is a better option.

    4) Make sure 4G is on. Some people turn it off and use 3G instead, 4G actually uses less power than 3G (and is much faster).

    5) Use a content blocker in Safari. This is an absolute must for me. Not only does it get rid of horrible ad's. it dramatically speeds up your browsing, uses less data and increases battery life. I personally recommend Crystal.

    6) Ajust your location services settings. Out of all the apps that uses this feature on my phone, I only have a 2 apps that are set to "always". The rest are "while using". This is a bit more of a personal choice but a lot of the time you don't need the GPS running none stop and only benefit from it when actually using the app.

    7) Turn background app refresh off for some apps. Again this is more of a personal preference as to what you keep on. Background app refresh is a good feature, but if you run either a 6S or 7 and have a good WiFi and 4G connection, I would turn it off for most apps. This saves a lot of battery and if you have a fast phone and data connection, a app will load in 1-2 secomds from being originally closed. If you use apps like Facebook and Messenger I highly recommend turning it off for these.

    8) Go through app specific settings that can use extra power. For example turn auto-play off for apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Video playback uses a lot of power and really having auto-play on adds nothing to the experience. Just have a screenshot with a play button instead. Every app has different power saving features built in, have a look and explore yourself.

    9) Save music to your phone rather than streaming. I'm not sure exactly how true this one is but apparently streaming uses more power than playing music loacally from your phone. Plus it's much more handy to have music available offline. Especially with the middle tier iPhone 7 being available in 128GB you should have more then enough storage.

    10) Last but not least, turn your phone off every few days. If you're the sort of person that never lets your phone completely die. Turning if off and on every few days helps clear the ram and fix minor software bugs. I would personally also recommend to do a hard reset every week too. This is done by holding the power and home button for 10 seconds at the same time until you see the Apple logo, then release them. Or on the iPhone 7, hold the power and volume down button instead.

    I hope this guide helps some people, and also if anyone else has any tips please feel free to share!
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    Sep 6, 2016
    People that come to me about battery life usually have Facebook eating up their battery.

    I deleted the app and use safari if I need it.

    But.. 10 is unnecessary. I never turn off my phone and my battery is amazing.
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    The average and even above average user's iPhone should last the day without doing the above if charged every night while sleeping.
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    Agreed. And Facebook messenger seems to be a culprit for most. Safari works best. Chrome is also a battery drainer as well.

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