The fast charging 12.9 goes faster than 9.7 pro regular

Discussion in 'iPad' started by thadoggfather, May 21, 2016.

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    Is that what I'm to interpret when I hear 29w + usbc to lightning doesn't speed up 9.7, that 12.9 with that combo is faster than 9.7 with 12w?
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    Interesting question. I haven't seen data one way or another, but I can tell you I can get a <10% to 100% in ~2.5 hours with the 12.9/USB-C option.

    On my Air 2, the battery charged pretty fast with a 12w charger, but I don't have comparison data.
  3. Hal~9000, May 21, 2016
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    Im not a fan of quick charging on the first place (seems like it shorten the battery lifespan), but it's just common sense that there's no way a 12w charger is going to compete with a 29w charger.
    Using 29w charger on 12.9":
    Using 12w charger on 9.7":
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    But I still don't know that that addresses the question

    9.7 is usb2 charging and 12.9 is usb3 but 12.9 also has a way bigger battery,
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    It's answered in post #3.

    Yes, a 29w charger on a 12.9-inch is faster to 100% than using a 12w charger on a 9.7-inch.
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    Any news on the new MacBook Pro 13+15 chargers working faster for charging the iPad Pro 12.9? I know the 29W does (which I have and use myself), but curious to whether the new 61W or 87W can charge the iPad Pro 12.9 any faster then the 29W.
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    It is Safer and Better to Charge Lithium Ion batteries Slower with less current. They will last longer in over all years and they will last longer in use hourly if they are slowly charged.

    The enemy of Lithium Ion batteries is heat faster charging with higher current shortens their lifespan and could cause an explosion take it from me RC racing is a hobby nothing worse than charging a Lipo pack too fast it can blow. Just like the Note 7s did.

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