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Discussion in 'iPad' started by trevpimp, Nov 20, 2013.

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    "Whose doing who the favor" -apple fan

    From a point of view so simple in our life style, imagine gaining a chance to use a spectacular device within our hands. Our hands that hold a technology so delightful and powerful. Simplicity speaks our life, and it is fantastic.

    Btw, this iPad air - which if could've came out in 1996 this device would've been worth $10,000 and you know it.
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    If the device came out in 1996, there would be no personal wifi networks to connect it to, rendering the device nearly useless. I doubt anyone would pay $10,000 for an "unconnected" iPad.
  4. scaredpoet, Nov 21, 2013
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    We already know what an iPad in 1996 would've looked like:


    The Apple Newton, iPhone and iPad's great-grandaddy.

    This WAS what the technology was capable of at the time. IGZO displays didn't exist; Color LCDs didn't even exist with the level of quality we see today. So you'd have a black and white LCD screen.

    As mentioned above, the web didn't exist yet, but there was rudimentary forms of Internet access, and cellular networks of the time supported a crude, slow dialup type of service (slow even for dialup). There was also the DataTAC network, which had low bandwidth data capabilities for basic messaging and such.

    But the Newton had things the iPad doesn't. Like Faxing! And receiving text pager messages! :) It also had an IR beaming function, so if other Newton users were nearby, you could "beam" them items if the two devices were line of sight to each other.

    What else... there was no camera, no FaceTime, no capacitive touch screen. It was pressure sensitive though, and you had to use a stylus. But, the Newton could do handwriting recognition... sorta.

    People complain about the iPad Air's 1GB of RAM... try 640 Kilobytes on the Newton, total, to share between active "apps" and your data. Oh, and it was volatile memory too: if you let your batteries run down for too long, the memory would wipe. You could add external memory cards though... up to 4 Megabytes.

    And the starting price was $699 back in 1993 when it was first introduced. Adjusted for inflation, that's $1,129.75 in 2013 dollars.

    Anyway, this was what the tech was capable of at the time. Making something exactly like the iPad Air in 2013, or even close to it, would've been impossible. The battery technology didn't exist, the processor technology wasn't there yet, the high capacity RAM and Flash storage wasn't even possible to make with the manufacturing equipment of the time. Even a non retina iPad 2 display would've been impossible to make at the thinness required. All the money in the world couldn't buy you an iPad Air in 1996.
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    It's a portable electronic device, not a savior.

    I like my iPad but wow. Apparently not as much as some.
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    Apparently the iPad has lost some of its "magic".

    I look at the rMini and all it can do, and still think it's magical. Sure, there are a lot of other tablets out there, but only one iPad. Apple did it right, combining hardware, SOFTWARE and services. Sure, its not perfect. Its designed and made by carbon based life forms. But it is very nice. A lot of people here are taking it for granted because it has a little gamut. Its a shame, really. It's a beautiful piece of hardware.

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