The Full Guide to Cleaning your MacBook's

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    The Complete How-To Guide of Cleaning your MacBook's​

    This Guide will give you all the information you will need if you ever plan to clean your computer​

    Supplies you will need
    2 Q-Tips (Example)
    One Glass of Water (Not hot Water. Not cold water. Keep it just right) (Example)
    2 Small Dry Cloth's (Example) (Don't worry, it can be any color you choose) But you may want to be careful when choosing, make sure to grab one that doesn't already have any dust or lint on it
    2 Damp Cloth's (Here I cannot stress enough that you want a DAMP cloth and NOT a wet Cloth) (Example)


    Step 1 Turn off your Computer
    Trust me, I'm an expert.

    Step 2 Cleaning the Keys

    Yes, you will need to clean each individual key. And to properly do this, follow my instruction. First, you will need to damp the Q-Tip in the glass of water. Feel free to whip the Q-Tip towards the ground to take off any extra unnecessary water.

    At this point your probably saying to yourself, "But Tim! Are you sure I am supposed to use water on my computer!?" Do not worry my friend! Let me remind you I am an expert. For you see, if you use to much water on a single key, the water will ether condense and stay at the center of the key or it will condense and slide down the side of the key. If it does slide down, it wont fall through the crack next to the key, usually, there is enough water for it to hit the rows in-between the key and stop itself from falling below where water should fall.

    Anyway, begin scrubbing the key with the dampened Q-Tip. If there is alot of dirt on the key then you may want to scrub harder. When I say scrub I mean lightly scrub and don't push down on the key too hard.

    After you've fully finished cleaning each individual key, you can move on.

    Step 3 Cleaning the Rows in-between the keys

    Take on of the damp cloth's and slide the edges of it in-between and around all the letters on the keyboard. Don't do it all in one swipe, do it one row at a time, then following it with the dry cloth, to pick up any excess water.

    Step 4 Cleaning the Surface Around the Keyboard

    Take the same damp cloth you just used and clean the entire surface area around the keyboard. This will clean your trackpad and the area around your screen. Oh, and it should also clean the little thing that connects the screen to your keyboard. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about) But be VERY careful when cleaning that are.

    And cleaning the WebCam isn't any different than cleaning anything else.

    Step 5 The Screen

    Just wipe down the screen with a damp cloth, then use the dry cloth to dry off the screen. Very simple, and works!

    *At this point I figure you have enough thought to clean the other sides of the computer if you need to.

    Step 6 Turn on your computer and run it
    You should know how to do this, don't you?

    the first time I did this method I did it with the computer on. After I was finished, most of the keys didn't respond to me or gave me the wrong letter on screen. To fix this problem I simply restarted my computer and it worked fine. if that does not fix our problem then you may have a bigger problem. Try take the computer apart and giving it a cloth run to pick up any water. Or, better yet, take it back to the store.

    And that is the full 6 Step guide to cleaning your computer

    *Yea, this is supposed to be a little poke of fun at the modern computer guides that take you through it like you've never ran a computer before
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    I hope you aren't serious...I really thought windex was bad for screens, and that you shouldn't spray anything DIRECTLY on the screen because it can pass through the bezel/screen if it trickles down...
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    I took a very very soft cloth and barely wet it before wiping down the screen. Good as new. water only.

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