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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Mad Mac Maniac, Sep 10, 2014.

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    A little bit of here and a little bit of there.
    I'm much more excited about the possibilities of the Apple watch in the future than what it is now. Look at the original iPhone compared to the iPhone 6. It's not just better, but amazingly better in every way in only 7 years.

    The some of the issues with the :apple:Watch are the appearance, the battery life, the thickness, the lack of gps, the lack of cellular data, not being waterproof, not being able to monitor your sleep (because of nightly charging and lack of truly wireless charging). There are many other hurtles such as penetration of :apple:pay. Also, we don't yet know how well it will actually be able to track your fitness.

    In just a few short years I bet all of those problems will be solved. The fact that it is launching in 2 sizes shows to me that more sizes are possible, maybe even different shapes! You might be able to get your round watch soon enough. You might even be able to get one with a tiny screen or without a screen at all (think iPod shuffle). Might soon be able to get a larger screen that curves partly across your wrist. I think this will be much more akin to the iPod (many variants) than the iPhone.

    What kinds of things are you hoping for the future development of the apple watch?
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    I think even wifi isn't supported cause in the video and description they say it uses ur iPhones GPS and wifi
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    I hope in version 2 or 3 to be able to teleport across the country. There by eliminating the need of horses, bikes, trains, airplanes etc. lol

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