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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by solaris7, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Feb 17, 2008
    What do guys expect to see with games in the near future? Do you think they will release online rpg's like warcraft for the touch? (as it heavily relies on the mouse, so the touchscreen can play it as well). Or even counter strike for the touch, the accelerometer to move, single finger tap to shoot, double finger tap to zoom with a sniper rifle and swipe to change weapons. I only wish the would release such games.............and apple should play an important role in making sure it does, as their products are stereotyped to be the ones where the pc community believes you can't play games on (even thought it isn't true).
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    fps are were hard with actual buttons, so touch screen is a mabey, I do think an attempt would be cool, though battery life, and over use of the wifi, may be an issue, as with the processor

    Still be cool though!
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    re: Games for the touch or iPhone

    Actually, there seems to be a big problem with developing games for the touch-screens used in the iPhone or iPod Touch. The accuracy/sensitivity seems to decrease when you're pressing the same spots rapidly and repeatedly.

    Most people seem to think it's probably due to sweat or oils from your fingers building up in the places you're pressing on it a lot? But whatever the case, people using programs like the SNES emulator on the iPhone have already been struggling with this.

    The touch-screens don't seem like they were really developed with fast-action "button pressing" in mind. This really limits what you can do with them as far as games are concerned.

  4. dmkemick macrumors member

    Apr 14, 2008
    I wouldn't expect many FPS's...look at the DS which also has touch as the main input. The only real FPS they have is the Metroid one and it wasn't exactly a smashing success.

    I think that Puzzle Quest will come to the iPhone eventually. It's a natural fit, it's great fun and also would work brilliantly with touch controls. It's not too demanding either. My biggest fear if the iPhone/iPod Touch do make a big showing in the gaming market is that their games will be mostly DS ports.
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    racers, flight sims, god games, online rpg

    i think there are many possibilities - ones certainly that we cannot fathom yet. i have been plaing the online and love it to pieces - though it is browser game but wonderful - and just like all online games, it is not you that is your biggest challenge and help, it is others.

    puzzles are bound to be quite popular as well.

    the touch screenis not the same type as the ds one - far far different and since it does not work with a stylus in the same way, it will be interesting to see how the touch interface is developed for gaming. metroid for the DS is a wonderful game and about as good as can be done on a portable. in some cases, it is easier than a mouse/keyboard setup. touch wont that the advantage of two screens though for control/hud.

    i know it will not happen, but i would love for the ultima online rpg to make it there or another that is actual role playing, not so much the arcade play of WoW though it is fun.

    i can think that games like classic populous, sword of samurai, sim city etc will be great. but likely it will seed development for a whole new empire of genre.

    it is very powerful, at least as powerful as dreamcast in both cpu and likely gpu as well - exciting.

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