The Future of the iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dccorona, Oct 4, 2011.

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    All of the buzz today about the iPhone, features, specs, etc has got me thinking about the future of the iPhone

    Specifically: How much better can it get? The iPhone is still a young device, really, and has a long way to go, sure. But think ahead to 10, maybe 20 years from now: what will there be to add? Technology will improve, sure, and the iPhone will be a great deal faster and more powerful. Battery life will improve, etc.

    But todays outburst has shown that all that stuff doesn't really matter, at least to "fanboys" (can't think of another word to use). Eventually, we will hit a point where screens can't get any bigger. We will hit a point where phones can't get any thinner. We will hit a point where there isn't any other mode of wireless communication, or new type of sensor, for apple to add every year like everyone seems to want (everyone wanted NFC this year for example). Then what will these yearly upgrades be reduced to? Spec bumps and a clever new software idea? People will go crazy if there isn't something more substantial.

    I guess my point is this...we are fast approaching a time where it will be very hard for apple to "innovate" every year as many people seem to think they should do every year. Unless they fundamentally change the way we think about cell phones AGAIN that is.
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    I can understand why you think like this. But let me reassure you by saying that it won't happen. There will always be innovation if the company can achieve it.

    The iCloud is the limit for Apple :p , and the future is really bright for the iPhone. They could've easily upgraded the iPhone 4S into a 5, but obviously chose not to. So what can we expect? A lot of things..

    -Hologram technology (big things can be done with this, Apple has already started working on this)
    -Projector lens (there was a patent about this a while ago)
    -Fingerprint scanner
    -advanced NFC

    If this was another time of the day, I would've been able to come up with a huge list. So don't worry about reaching a limit.

    The only concern I have is that Apple will ease up on the hardware upgrades, just like how they did the iPhone 4S.

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