The future of the iPod. A article worth reading.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by itsmeorthedog, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Jun 8, 2013
    Found this article the other day. Interesting read.
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    That article completely lost me at the end. I think the writer even got confused. First, they're saying to combine the Touch and Nano, but they're saying that the Nano would still exist?

    The Nano is an entry iPod. It is basically the same as the original Mini, meant for people that just want to carry a few tracks, and not so much their entire library. It's also good for tracking your runs and walking, which is my primary use, next to having a bit of music to listen while in long trips.

    And so is basically the iPod Touch. It's always been marketed to young people who want to use iMessage, play games, listen to music, and whatever.

    Everytime I read an article talking about the Touch, people seem to forget that it's pretty much now a product for kids and people who don't want a smartphone or iPhone. They go on about how it doesn't have this, and needs that. Honestly, Apple doesn't keep it up to speed with the iPhone for a reason. Because the 4-12 year-olds using them don't give a **** either.

    It doesn't have to be thinner, it doesn't have to have the Touch ID, and everything else. They added a new camera because of apps like Snapchat, iMessage, and for the growing amount of kids who are very photo centric these days. And they got rid of the shiny back they used to use in order for it not to look like it went through 10+ years of use, like all the iPods have after a few months before then.

    What it does have to have is enough juice to power the games, educational apps, and various other things kids use the device for. And as long as the games keep coming, the device will continue to see steady sales years after years.

    Because at the end of the day, most of us who came from the original iPods, ended up with the original Touch, onto iPhones, and then the iPad. Apple benefited from us being in their system for years, and they're going to continue trying to get a four year old into buying an iPhone when he's thirteen.

    It had absolutely nothing to do with power, but with what the devices are being used for.

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