The Great iPad Experiment

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Which configuration would you choose?

  1. Stick with the MacBook and iPhone 3GS.

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  2. Sell the MacBook, get an iPad, keep the 3GS.

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  3. Sell the MacBook and 3GS, get an iPad+3G and a dumbphone.

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  4. Sell the MacBook and 3GS, get an iPad, dumbphone, and MiFi.

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  1. BeyondtheTech macrumors 68020


    Jun 20, 2007
    So, I bought my iPad on its launch day for my wife, and I was quickly enamored with the device's capabilities and potential.

    I initially bought the iPad so I could take my wife's current MacBook, which she only used for surfing the internet. I would use it to develop my iPhone and iPad games and apps. More than a fair trade, I thought.

    She loves the device's weight, the ease of use, the sheer speed, battery life, and the accessibility.

    But, so do I.

    So much so, that I began thinking - what if I sell the MacBook and pick up an iPad+3G in its place? With full-featured apps such as LogMeIn Ignition and iTeleport using the full iPad resolution, I could simply remote into my iMac at home and theoretically do anything I need to do, even develop apps. I have a 180-minute commute each day to work, and it's not always convenient to lug around and open up a notebook in a crowded train.

    Additionally, I even considered dropping my iPhone 3GS and going back to a dumbphone plus the iPad+3G. After all, I won't be tied to a 2-year data plan, as the iPad+3G will allow me to downgrade to $15 a month for 250MB or stop it completely if I don't need it. It's much safer, too - I won't feel so compelled to whip out an iPad when I'm driving a car (don't say you haven't done it with your iPhone!).

    For those who haven't tried, the iPad basically does and runs everything the iPhone can, with the exception of a camera and a GPS (unless I get the iPad+3G).

    Considering that AT&T has no tethering option, I had to come up with viable options:
    • MacBook, iPhone 3GS: full-featured notebook but comparatively heavy to lug around and use, can surf the net via my purchased copy of NetShare, or jailbreak and buy MyWi ($10). Jailbreaking has no guarantee for future compatibility.
    • iPhone 3GS, iPad: lightweight setup, must jailbreak and buy MyWi ($10) for iPhone 3GS, connect iPad to iPhone's data. Jailbreaking has no guarantee for future compatibility.
    • dumbphone, iPad+3G: lightweight setup, no AT&T data contract - shifted to iPad+3G and charged whenever needed, GPS capable, $130 more expensive
    • dumbphone, MiFi, iPad: lightweight setup, no AT&T data contract, but will require a 2-year data plan, can be any carrier (hint: more reliable), MiFi supports multiple devices, upwards of $200?

    I've never jailbroken my device. I just don't like the idea of it, but with AT&T's lack of tethering and no current way to connect the iPhone 3GS's data plan to the iPad, MyWi is actually the only solution to date, unless I'm mistaken.

    Also, I wouldn't know what the return would be for a pre-unibody white MacBook with 4GB (DDR2-667) and a 320GB hard drive. I would obviously want it to cover the cost of an iPad 16/32GB+3G. Yes, I'm considering offers, if it doesn't violate the terms of this forum.

    Granted, I can't carry around an iPad everywhere, so if I drop my iPhone 3GS and its imposed data plan, I'll be "disconnected" for that time being. I know, in today's world, I might as well be popping quarters in an arcade machine and carrying a SkyTel beeper. But, maybe that's actually a good thing, too. I do know I'll be carrying my iPad as much as I can, though.

    What are your thoughts? Do you find yourself at similar crossroads?
  2. techound1 macrumors 68000


    Mar 3, 2006
    Do you really want to try to do dev work over a 3G internet signal while on a train. I'm seeing glaciers...
  3. finnschi macrumors 6502

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    I second that!

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