"The Happiest Homecoming On Earth" -- Celebrating 50 Years Of Magic


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Jun 7, 2006
San Diego, CA
Leraste said:
I have to wait til December to go. :( Any suggestions on what to order?
If you don't care what the bill is going to be I suggest being at the mercy of the chef.

My mom had no idea about eating at Club 33 and thought we were just eating at the Blue Bayou. When the wait at the Bayou was over an hour we said how about this place and she was floored.


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Mar 4, 2004
dynamicv said:
And "It's a Small World" is an absolute scream however old you are. Impossible to go through without laughing like Beavis and Butthead right the way through :D
Friend of mine used to work in Florida...told me a great story of the "Its a Small World" Ride. At one point the ride broke down, and the cars ceased to move. Because its a water ride, the people were not allowed out of their cars. This lasted for almost 3 HOURS. And to make matters worse....the soundtrack never ended. It went on and on and on. After 3 hours of "Its a Small World" sung in ANY language, you tend to come out dazed and confused.


Mar 4, 2006
I don't know if I would have minded as long as I was in the bit that's supposed to be Ireland. All those dancing leprechauns and goats on hills would keep me amused for that length of time :p

The first time I went on the one in Florida, we were following a boat filled with a family (parents, two kids). The father was showing off to the kids by naming all the countries as we went through but getting them all wrong. Not only is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in France apparently, but the Sphinx and Pyramids are in Iraq :D


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Jul 16, 2004
Milwaukee, WI
I made a visit a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it. Just make sure to take advantage of those fastpasses. :)