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Apr 12, 2001


tap tap tap and MacHeist report that they have reached over 500,000 paid downloads of their new iOS game, The Heist, released just one week ago.
In just a little over 6.5 days, The Heist has racked up a staggering 501,813 sales at 99¢, totaling well over $300,000 in revenue. To put that in perspective, our last chart-topping app, Voices, managed to clear 300,000 sales... in its first month, meaning The Heist has been outselling it at a rate of nearly 8 fold!
In the blog post, Phill Ryu takes a look at how the developers were able to take the established MacHeist brand and build enthusiasm for the new iOS game to allow it burst strongly right out of the gate. Combining a slickly-produced game based on simple principles with a 99-cent price point and prizes and discounts for completing the challenges, The Heist was able to generate strong word of mouth that quickly pushed sales through the roof.

The Heist currently remains the top-selling paid app in a number of countries, having toppled Angry Birds from its usual perch at the top of the list.

Article Link: 'The Heist' Hits 500,000 Sales in One Week


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Jun 23, 2010

Wasnt interested in this when it was first announced a week or so back but after 500k downloads I'm tempted to take a look - why is that??!


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Jan 10, 2011
For those in the know

For those familiar with MacHeist this should not be surprising, they have offered these kinds of puzzles free as part of their bundle deals, they make giving away software for free fun! Having a bunch of these popular puzzles for a buck is a deal, throw in that there is more free software in mix it's a no brainer. Personally I hope they make a million off this one app, it's just about perfect in price and pay-off. Kudos to the team - you've been away too long!:D


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Mar 1, 2011
I've enjoyed the game(s), but I'm a fan of puzzles and such. I found it to be worth the $0.99 that I paid.
That's great that they were able to sell so many units. But for a poor iOS developer like myself I wonder how they pulled of this marketing genius. Must study them and learn.

I guess the other factor is that their game has a lot more polish than my puzzle game. I'll add more features with time. I really like the way they have a game character call you on the phone. That part is amazingly fun.
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