The HiShop PureMate Protectors for iPhone 4 (Review)

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    Coming from a person who generally dislikes having any kind of screen protection on my devices, I highly doubted that I would find anything to work with my iPhone unless it was absolutely flawless. Even though the new PureMate screen protectors by HiShop are by no means perfect, they are finitely the next big thing. If you have ever used SGP’s products, then you know that they make some of the highest quality screen protectors (at least in my experience). HiShop’s full body protectors are definitely set out to leave SGP and other high end companies in the dust. The PureMate’s feature a full body kit that comes in both crystal clear and oleophobic. Read on to find out if the PureMate reigns supreme as the new king of the protective world, or if they fall flat on their face in an attempt to kill of the likes of higher end screen protectors.

    I took my screen protector off ages ago and while they weren’t at all bad, I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t feel at all like the iPhone 4’s glass and that they just didn’t look good unless you got them on perfectly. Even though I literally got them on flawlessly every time, the edges and the cutouts either did not line up due to poor manufacturing or they just were at an odd angle. Even though I don’t suffer from OCD, I am still very picky when it comes to applying screen protectors on my iPhone 4. Besides, who wants to hide the iPhone’s beautiful & sexy screen behind a trashy screen protector.

    Let’s get underway by explaining a little bit about the packaging, which indeed is very similar to SGP’s in terms of design. Your protectors will arrive in a very small and flat rectangular package that includes (depending on what type you get, I received six packs of the oleophobic and the crystal clear) two screen protectors, two backside protectors, two packs of antenna protectors, a nice leaning cloth, and an instructional pamphlet. The HiShop is already off to a great start by including so many goodies fresh out of the package for a very low price. If your interested, you will find out about the price later on.

    Let’s start off with the installation process, which was actually really easy. I use a very handy method of installing my screen protectors. I simply steam up my bathroom by closing the door, turn off the fan, and running the shower or some hot water for three to four minutes. After that’s ready, I get to actually putting the screen protectors on my phone. After taking a quick glance over the instructions, I have everything ready to go. First, wipe off the front of your phone to make sure the screen is clear of dust, debris, and fingerprints. You will notice a small tab on the bottom of each screen/backside protector. Pull that up about 1/5 of the way and line up the screen protector on the iPhone 4’s glass. Next, take a small card (a credit card or library card will do perfectly) and push up until the protector is full adhered to the screen. Rub out any air bubbles and if you notice any debris or dust that got caught under the screen protector, I have a very small remedy that may come in handy.

    Using a small piece of Scotch tape, place it on the corner that is closest to the speck of dust and slowly lift the screen protector up until the debris is exposed, weather it be on the protector or the screen itself. Next, use another piece of tape and very carefully stick it to the piece of dust where it is located. Once that is cleared, set the protector down and gently remove the tape off the screen.

    To install the backside the screen protector, simply follow the instructions for the front side shield except for the back. Now, since the PureMate’s do include some antenna protectors, I found that installation was a tad bit different. I found that the best way to install these were to clean off the sides of my iPhone 4, take one end of the clear protector and line it up with the ports and the buttons. After installing those, I squeezed all of the bubbles out with my finger. Now, I did notice that there were a bunch of bubbles on all of the protectors (especially the backside and the front side). Let your phone sit for about a day and all of the air bubbles should go away.

    As of the moment, I am absolutely loving these screen shields. The texture of the oleophobic screen protector, while being smooth and very silky, still does not feel exactly like the oleophobic coating that is one the back. The great thing about these is the fact that the button cutouts are perfect. I am not going to go into all of the individual cutouts that run along the side of the antenna, but let me give you the benefit of the doubt by saying that these shields have amazing cutouts for the home button, the front facing camera and the speaker grill, as well as the home button.

    HiShop has really hit home with these shields and I think that these could be a very good competitor to SGP and the likes of Power Support. You can pick up the PureMate for the iPhone 4 in a number of different categories ranging from crystal clear to oleophobic. Also the highest price (the ones I reviewed) was 23.95, which is a fantastic deal for everything that you get in the package (read the top paragraph to find out what you get in the box). Hit up the link for more info on how to get your grubby little hands on a pair of PureMate screen protectors.

    Rating: 4.5/5

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    Will definitely be trying these out soon. Thanks for the review.

    edit: Also like the tip of a steamy bathroom for screen installation. That sounded wrong for some reason.

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