The HP Nightmare Contintues *part 2*

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MVApple, Jan 19, 2009.

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    A continuation of part 1.

    So I was contacted by a Case Manger but was busy and couldn't pick up. I call back and wow is this lady rude. As soon as she picks up she sounds annoyed, as if I had called her cell phone on her lunch break or something. Now the Case Managers are based in Canada so there is no language barrier, but the HP employee incompetence continues. I tell her the two problems I have.

    1. I have sent the old monitor but HP says they haven't recieved it.
    2. Fedex says they shipped the replacement monitor but it was stolen or sent to the wrong address.

    Well in my first problem, I notice that HP's website in also incompetent. They have two tracking numbers, one for them shipping me the replacement monitor, and one for me sending the defective one back. The one for them shipping me the replacement monitor works. The one for me sending back the defective unit has a glitch which took me a while to figure out. Everytime I click on it, it sends me to the UPS website and it has no information. But then I realize that the problem is that it is a Fedex tracking number, not a UPS tracking number because I remembered that UPS has letters and numbers in their tracking information!

    I proceed to the Fedex website and HP has recieved the monitor.

    Now here is where it gets interesting. I explain all of this to the case manager and she says I was supposed to have sent it out by UPS. I proceed to tell her that I followed the included instructions and the pre-paid lablel was from Fedex. Her response is, you should have sent it out UPS. And that Fedex picked it up and probably billed HP for the shipment (which I later called and found out that Fedex will not ship anything with a UPS pre-paid label anyways.). Well I tell her I followed the instructions and she says, "whatever". That's her intelligent response.

    I then ask her if I was supposed to send it out by UPS, why did HP give me a tracking number from Fedex? She says she doesn't know, obviously.

    Well, then she says that for the lost package I need to call Fedex and get a claim number and then call back.

    I do this and this time I get a competent employee from HP. This guy is very professional. I explain both issues to him and he says that HP always uses Fedex to ship items, and he asks me if I remember who I talked to which I do. Michelle at extention 79. He says that HP is out of stock on the 22 inch monitors and that they will send a 24 inch monitor instead. A nice gesture given the hours I've wasted talking to incompetent employees. The monitor is supposed to get here in a few days and he says he's made sure that HP's system is updated with the information that they have received the monitor so that my credit card won't be charged. As I actually got an email this morning saying they haven't recieved it.

    Hopefully the rest of this goes as smoothly as the last phone conversation.


    Today I got a call from HP saying they, "unfortunately" located a 22 inch monitor and I will not be sending the 24 inch monitor as they had originally promised. The only bright side is that it will actually be new this time and not refurbished. The first time they promised me a new monitor and sent a refurbished though so I won't believe it till I see it.

    I also asked them if I needed to do anything else about the monitor Fedex lost. And he said I did more than I had to already. HP should have called Fedex and handled it all apparently. That's not what the first case manager I talked to said though.
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    Your other thread was still good for a few more posts.
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    Yeah but it went into a different direction when some guy assumed *I* was clearly at fault because I did not speak clearly and concisely (which I did but he wouldn't know because he wasn't listening). He was obviously offended when I said those at HP had a poor grasp on the English language (which they do).
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    Sounds like you had some bad times with HP but to be honest with you I've had similar experiences with Apple support and when I contacted them I only spoke to English/Irish support representatives. They were just as incompetent. And the support I actually received (with regard to the repairs performed to my machine) were lacklustre at best. My machine came back scratched, dented, they broke the Airport card when they changed the logic board and when I called back they said the Airport card probably died on its own and that I should buy a new one (This is an iBook I'm talking about which had a user-serviceable airport card).

    I told Apple that it worked fine before the logic board failed so I wanted THEM to fix it. They refused to send me an Airport card and demanded I send the machine to them for them to replace it (Which took 2 weeks on top of the first 2 weeks for the first repair that they botched up). When my machine finally came back half the case was hanging out on the left side of the machine.

    Instead of calling back for a 3rd time and losing my machine for another 2 weeks which would have been 6 weeks total without my machine I took it apart and put it back together myself properly. And when I say it was hanging out on the left side you can imagine the sort of damage to the plastic casing and the underlining aluminium and parts. My repairs were performed by Apple, as that is who I called and that is who I sent the Notebook to.

    I dread absolutely dread ever having my machines repaired by Apple. Literal nightmares. Obviously I'm going back a few years here but its still annoying and although I agree that your HP thing was bad these sorts of support issues can happen to any company and I wouldn't put your HP story as a rule against the norm as a way to make Apples support look any better because I've personally suffered it first hand.
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    Yeah but I posted because there have been a few members in the past that come here to bash apple products and talk about how much better hp products are. This is a nod to them and in my first post was in direct comparison to my personal experience with Apple Care which was great.

    Apparently some people have had equally bad experiences with apple. I felt the need to rant though. I'm curious to know now though if an independent company has rated customer service from various computer manufacturers and how they rate.
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    all my laptops and pc's were HP till last year when i started getting Apple!!


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