The Impossible Cube is ready to challenge minds of the App Store users

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  1. Marry Apple macrumors member

    Sep 2, 2010
    Think you’re a real PUZZLE WHIZ… you are mistaken…it’s time to meet your MATCH! Take the challenge and make the impossible possible!

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    Are you ready for a mind bending challenge, The Impossible Cube? This puzzle game was designed to unleash the power of the mind by training you how to see, use and match information in new ways.

    The player has to move, rotate and match up the cubes on the screen to solve the ever more challenging puzzles. Not completely impossible if you use the tips but certainly extremely challenging and addictive.

    Start with the Training Cube to learn how simple it can be before moving on to really challenging puzzles. But don’t worry, as you play you can earn coins which you spend on tips to help progress through the hardest levels.

    Game Features:

    •Training Cube: a training level shows you how to get started solving puzzles

    •Impossible Cube: With each puzzle you solve you can unlock new and more challenging puzzles.

    •Tips: when you solve a puzzle you can earn coins which you can spend on tips to solve harder puzzles.
  2. Beiz Games macrumors newbie

    Mar 23, 2011
    Game on puzzle top 25 - discount continues!!

    The Impossible Cube has reached iPhone puzzle #25 list - thank you for all the downloads! And specially about great feedback! Discount continues...:D

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