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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Razeus, May 16, 2011.

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    Feel free to post yours here, but here's a shortlist of mine:

    1) Improved notification system. It's mind boggling why I have to get interrupted when in an app or game and this damn thing pops up. The badges on the app are fine, and these should just be in the background. That way I can see them when I leave an app or game when I am ready. My Facebook updates aren't THAT crucial

    2) Wi Fi Sync/OTA updates. This is an easy one.

    3) Better Mac integration. For those with an iMac, why should I have to buy LogMeIn when Apple is perfectly capable of creating an app for me to interact with my iMac or MBP, from anywhere? This would allow me to mess with my iTunes playlists and iPhoto library and even load documents from Keynote, Pages or Numbers, and when coupled with #2, auto syncs all my iOS devices

    4) iPhoto app. Any day now Apple. The photo app built into the iPad/iPhone is cute, but I should be able to organize, light edit and create albums (which in conjunction with #3 sync back to my iMac), not just view them and play a slide show. Right now I use the app "Pics" for this (which looks like it came from Windows Mobile7 btw).

    5) Quick apps. This is a must. I've tried getting a photo shot from my iPhone, but while fumbling for the app and waiting for it to load up (I use ProCamera), the moment has passed. I long for the day when I just tap a button and the app comes up automatically. I remember this being a feature back in the day...

    6) LockScreen. This is an easy one and can be had jailbroken. How about some useful and quick info available from my lock screen?
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