The iPad 2 Complaint Thread

Discussion in 'iPad' started by KittyKatta, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. KittyKatta macrumors 6502a


    Feb 24, 2011
    Let me start by saying I am loving the new iPad. But, ive never understood why people try hiding product complaints behind excuses. This is a tech device which means it will one day be replaced so instead of everyone making up excuses for Apple then let's instead bring out our annoyances and get that wish list for iPad 3 going. :D

    My List is short, but here it goes

    - Bezel -
    I see lots of people defend the big bezel but I've used other tablets with smaller bezels and they were fine so do Apple users really want this big bezel on future generations?

    - Recessed Button -
    Anyone else Having trouble with the recessed volume rocker? Many times I'm even having trouble finding the button let alone pressing it because it's hiding under that tapered edge.

    - Speaker-
    Id complain about the speaker quality but then someone will just shut me up and tell me to buy a pair of Sennheiser MDR-7509HDs for $140 if I want to play with Garage Band during my lunch break. So I'll just say it could be a whole lot better.

    - Camera -
    People out here who kept hammering that the iPad is too awkward for a camera are just plain wrong. A tablet is an AWESOME device for pictures because it gives you a whole new perspective. It's not awkward to hold at all and it's kinda fun to have people behind you get to share the viewfinder.

    The big crippling drawback is that the camera is gawdawful! The graininess of FaceTime calls is embarassing and no autofocus for check scans or QR links takes away from the iPad as a productivity tool. I'm really surprised Apple was incapable of finding a decent camera sensor to match the high quality of the iPad.

    - Smart Cover -
    I get why people like them and I do think it's a clever design (despite it being stolen) but for the only official Apple case they do feel a bit more gimmicky than you'd expect from Apple. I really wish they had an update to the last gen case also because I prefer the full body protection over the smart cover.
  2. RadicalxEdward macrumors 6502


    Mar 8, 2011
    Bezel: They say it's so there's room to hold it, but I'm sure the dev's at apple are smart enough to figure out a way for the os to know if your holding it or not (within a certain distance from edge, not moving, etc)

    Cameras: This is the BIGGEST thing to me. I wish the front one was a little bit better just for facetime/skype video. similar to the new macbook cams. and for the back one WHY NO AUTO FOCUS. I don't care if it's .1 megapixels as long as there's autofocus for scanning barcodes, taking pics of close up stuff for facebook/twitter. really annoyed by this

    3G radio: Really annoyed they didn't do AT&T/Verizon on the same device. Sure the verizon ones would have a useless sim slot, but it would mean you could use whoever provided the best prices/service at the time. like what if verizon is really good in your area, but you're visiting friends/family on a trip and verizon sucks around there but at&t is good? the chips support both so why not. and what if you don't really know who's better in your area. are you just supposed to flip a coin?

    Screen: Really wish they had added a high res screen, but this one i understand leaving out for cost/speed reasons, trying to beat out the android tabs.

    Colors: Really bugs me that the white version still has black buttons. white looks fine on the iphone 4 because the buttons are silver no matter what. but it definitely swayed me toward black ipad 2 (i've seen the pics of your guys white ipads, they're not bad, i just think it's a bit weird having a black centric os, black buttons, black logo/antenna cover, aluminum back, and white front)

    No FM radio: the chips support it, and it's extremely light on the battery, so why leave it out. I suppose it's to influence iTunes sales but who knows. (i remember my first mp3 player would go for a few days on a AAA battery but could go for weeks on end by only using the radio.

    Smart covers: prices are crazy (even though the concept and design are well thought out. ) and all the good colors are even more expensive. though there should have been a magnet to hold it against the back too

    I'm sure i'll come up with more when my iPad actually comes in tuesday. and I could go on about stuff in the os (like notifications) but I think we should hold judgment on that till the new iphone comes out (likely with major os revisions)
  3. Entopia7 macrumors regular

    Feb 4, 2008
    I have no complaints so far, and I can tell you that there is definitely something holding the Apple cover to the back of the device when it is folded open. It isn't an incredibly strong magnet (maybe it is bleed-through from the front magnet) but it keeps the case from flopping around.

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