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    Feel free to discuss all things relating to the iPad 3 screen in this thread.

    So the iPad had quite a thick piece of glass, the iPad 2 was noticeably thinner so your fingers were much closer to the LCD. On the iPhone 4 the Retina LCD was bonded to the glass so your fingers were extremely close to the display. That gave it iPhone 4 screen an almost printed plastic feel. We should see Gorilla Glass 2 so the glass should be thinner still and possibly blow away even iPhone 4s screen.

    Apple's invite is entitled, "We Have Something You Really Have To See. And Touch."

    The 'really have to see' has got to be the retina. Is it just plain old LCD IPS? IGZO? Rumors about the retina screen were around since the original iPad was around. I expect Apple were working on the iPad 3 display from before iPad was even released. They've had a long time to perfect this so they've had a long time to ensure it will be mind blowing and awesome.

    So what do we make of 'And Touch'. So what's so special about touch that Apple would DEEPLY emphasise '(period) And touch'. It suggests that Retina might only be half the magic of the new screen. The 'And Touch' could be the miracle something no one expected. Could it be a tactile display? Could it be a touch sensitive bezel?

    A lot has leaked about the iPad 3, we think we have seen everything there is to see. We know the screen is a game changer but I think we have only half the picture at best. Im certain Apple have kept the real killer features firmly under wraps. We'll find out in a few days everything there is to know.

    So, until then let's speculate!
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    It will be a new technology that will work amazingly with the Apple stylus they will introduce on Wednesday's event.
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    I don't think there's much to speculate on; it'll be Retina, end of story.

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