The iPad display lottery

Discussion in 'iPad' started by iWebster, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Aug 9, 2011
    I've come across some interesting findings concerning the iPad 2 displays - or more correctly I've done a thorough investigation.

    It all began with two iPads landing in our home. Both with excellent displays a part from that one of the two had a terrible light leak. I went to my local Apple service center and they did a swop with no further question. When examining the new iPad's display at home I could conclude that I couldn't discern any light leak - but the display looked uneven with slightly darker areas along the bezel.

    I went back to the service desk and showed them. They couldn't tell right away if that was covered by the warranty but they would check with Apple. Ok - on my way home I went to a handful retailers that sold iPads and scrutinized at least 20 of them and I could without further ado determine that iPad 2 comes with two different displays. And with a little more investigation on the internet it boils down to this:

    Either you end up with a LG display which is bright (on the cold side) and even but is more prone to light leak in dark images - or, you're stuck with a Samsung display that doesn't show any light leak but instead has a more uneven display (you see it in images with a lot of white) and warmer colour. (I remember LG having problem with major light leak with the first batches of iPad 2)
    Well, who's the winner in this display lottery?:confused:

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