The iPhone 4 antenna problem is present on other iPhone (video)

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Hi, since I heard read about the iPhone 4 antenna death grip I decided to do some tests with my iPhones 3G and 3Gs (I don't have an iPhone 4).

    On the video below I test my iPhone 3Gs (16gb ios 4) somewhere on my flat where I tough the signal was OK. in this place the signal drop very quickly if I hold my iPhone on a kind of way, the wrong one.

    The video:

    Since I don't use my iPhone to make calls so often I cant talk about dropping calls problems but now if I have no 3G signal I check the way I hold my phone, as you can see on the video it give or take me almost the five bars.

    Note: in Switzerland where I live we have the GPRS, edge and 3G networks. Orange own only the GPRS and the 3G so if I keep holding my iPhone the wrong way I go from 3G full signal to GPRS almos no signal, which is unusable for data.

    Keep in mind that the spot on my flat seems sensitive to how I hold my phone, on other places the signal never drops like that.

    Note 2: I have tested my iPhone 3G too and it loses signal as fast as my 3GS.
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    I know it exists on the 3GS. I haven't noticed it my 3G which is caseless.

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