The iPhone 8's video quality is far better than test videos show

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ccglows, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Nov 15, 2016
    Most reviews/video tests I've seen aren't showing what the iPhone 8's camera is truly capable of. They're showing the default/stock capability rather than the maximum capability, which is significantly worse. I understand why they're done that way, but the quality is severely degraded compared to its true quality.

    Here's what "test videos" show:

    Notice that they look like 720p quality with awful dynamic range? All these videos are 4K resolution (though screenshotted through YouTube - BUT so are the ones at the bottom), with standard bitrate which is about 50 mbps. Other apps allows you to double the bitrate to 100 mbps and therefore double the detail quality in the shot. This is hugely important, even when downscaled/compressed. The extra detail is subtle but greatly affects the quality. It's crazy that people get excited over 4K but don't even realize that the quality is being degraded by the low bitrate, and that it's possible to get far better quality.

    Here's what the camera is truly capable of, when dynamic range, exposure, color aesthetic, framing etc is maximized through editing. All of these are also YouTube vid screenshots that I further edited to be hypercinematic.

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    The camera on my 8+ is no question, the best camera I've used in a phone. Period.
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    Exactly! Getting iPhone X 64 GB Silver
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    Anata wa nihonjin desu ka?
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    I'm not. (had to use G Translate for that)

    These are from vids I found on YouTube searching 'iPhone 8 camera filmic pro' then filtering to recent
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    The Netherlands
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    I agree!
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    Let us see that video mate. I want to see some motion instead of static images :)
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    I’ve never understood YouTube reviewers, it’s like they’ve never shot a video or something. The camera on the iPhone 8/8+/X is simply superb. Coming from my iPhone 7+ which I took a lot of pictures and shot a lot of videos with I immediately noticed the dramatic improvements.

    Bottom line is this, never trust these reviewers. Test it out yourself and know what you’re doing before saying it isn’t a huge upgrade over the 7 series or the Note 8.

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