The iPhone clock gets even better location alarms!

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    Mar 17, 2011

    The groundbreaking iPhone application Place Clock from ocoomo has been updated with even more comprehensive location alarms. Never before has location reminders been so easy and practical to use. Place Clock takes a whole new innovative approach to location alarms by combining them with time alarms in the same design and format as the iPhone’s standard clock application. The app works perfectly in the background and uses a location algorithm that has been carefully designed to have minimal impact on the phones battery time.

    Combining time and place alarms in one app is the kind of ingenious idea that is so obviously right when you see it that you wonder why no one has done it before. Because when you think about it many times when you use a time alarm it is actually a substitute for lack of location alarms. Like setting an alarm as a reminder at a time when you know where you will be. In reality it is often the place associated with the time that is relevant and not the time itself. You will also soon come to realise that you often want to combine time and place in the same alarm, in other words get reminder at a specific time but only if at a certain place or get a reminder when arriving at a location but only on certain days or at certain times of the day.

    Here are some examples of what you can do with Place Clock...
    • Get a reminder when you leave work to pick something up on the way home.
    • Get a reminder when when you are getting close to your train station so you safely can take a nap.
    • Get a reminder every Tuesday and Thursday when you arrive home to wash your uniform.
    • Get a reminder when your favourite TV show starts but only if you are at home.
    • Have your wake-up alarm trigger at different times if you are are sleeping at your own home or your sweethearts home.
    • Get a reminder to buy something when you get close to a shop but only on weekdays during opening hours.
    The location alarms in Place Clock are based on places that you create yourself and you can get alarms to trigger when you arrive to or depart from a place as well as when you get within a certain distance from a place. You can also set an delay on location alarm so that you have time to enter a building, take elevator up and get cup of coffee before you get your reminder. Another great feature is that you can set a place rule to a time alarm so that the alarm only goes of if you are at that place.

    As an great extra feature the Place Clock also has a more advanced snooze function then the standard iPhone clock. You can set the length of the snooze interval and you can have the app shorten the interval for each time you press snooze. It is also possible to set a max number of allowed snoozes and have a different sound when the last snooze period has ended. All in all a great function for all those that has problem controlling their snoozing in the morning.

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    May 5, 2011
    Battery life

    Cool, but doesn´t it drain the battery?
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    Mar 17, 2011
    Answer regarding Battery Life

    Place Clock only uses the power hungry GPS chip when it has to and instead uses the cell based location API's that :apple: included starting with iOS 4.0 whenever it can. Using the cell API's has no measurable impact on the battery.

    The trick is deciding how and when to use either location technique to get a good compromise between accuracy and power consumption. On ocoomo we have fiddled on a location algoritm for some time now and have reached very good results. Average users can have location alarms set 24-7 with less then 20% battery impact.

    The power consumption is however quite individual per user, usage pattern, the users places and the places distances to each other. If you do get problems with battery drainage its likely that you have a place alarm set on a place that you are not at, but you spend a lot of time less then two miles from the place. You can simply try to avoid this or mitigate the power usage buy adding time restrictions to the alarm.
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    Mar 17, 2011
    Place Clock Updated!

    Version 1.2 of Place Clock is now out!

    The changes are:

    • Location algorithm now considers battery level and docking status
    • Location algorithm now uses both available cell positioning API’s on the iPhone 4
    • Reorder of alarms now possible
    • Rate and community sharing requests
    • Other minor improvements

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