The iPhone clock gets location alarms with Place Clock!

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Hi, do you want your iPhone clock app to look like this...


    Well we at ocoomo do and we have recently released the app Place Clock that does just that. The app lets you create both location and time alarms in one single app. Place Clock uses the iPhone’s latest multitasking abilities to make it 100% background compatible and use no more power then allowing location alarms being set 24-7 with no battery drain. Place Clock has been made in true Apple design spirit so that anyone can use it, including your mother.

    The location alarms in Place Clock are based on places that you create yourself and you can get alarms to trigger when you arrive to or depart from a place as well as when you get within a certain distance from a place. You can also set an delay on location alarm so that you have time to enter a building, take elevator up and get cup of coffee before you get your reminder. Another great feature is that you can set a place rule to a time alarm so that the alarm only goes of if you are at that place.

    We have gotten some good review response...

    MACSTORIES says:
    "this app is really cool and the location features definitely work"

    APPADVICE says:
    "overall, it feels like something that Apple designed themselves"

    Want try it out? Then check out our web site or just grab it in app store here.

    One more thing. We aim to make Place Clock the best and most complete clock/alarm app out there. For this we would love to get your feedback and suggestions either in this thread or by mail to our site.

    Dennis, ocoomo team
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    Mar 17, 2011
    New article on the app today at iPhoneFreakz and the app became the number ONE utility in the Netherlands after a nice review in

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