The iPhone SE is just like the iPhone 5C (detailed descriptions inside)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by the8thark, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 5C are older technology put into more recently released phones. The SE does have more modern tech inside, but it's not at the level of the 6s/6s+. Here is the differences (screen size aside) between the 6s/6s+ and the 6/6+ and the SE.


    To me it feels to keep the margins on the SE Apple is selling older iPhone 6 technology in a smaller 5S case. To either remove all the older tech from the inventory channels or keep the margins at a lower final sales price.

    This makes choosing the iPhone SE a tough choice. Will there be a new phone sized phone from Apple (the last phone sized phone from Apple before the SE was the 5S) soon? Will the SE be the iPad 3 and be upgraded upon in sox monthis or some short time frame? Many of us really like phone sized phones but paying for last generation's tech is a worry.
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    LMAO at no reachability, no wide viewing angles and no retina display. Worst table ever.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    The 5c was an update to an outdated phone. The SE is a current phone in a small factor minus some hardware.

    And yes Apple could update the phone 2 minutes after release.
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    Not to nitpick, but you said in your title the SE was just like the 5c..however you failed to put the specs of the 5c in your table. Looks to me like the SE is a hybrid of both the iPhone 6 and 6s.

    I still plan to purchase the SE.
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    Yeah your thread title doesn't match your content and your wrong that the SE has older technology. The SE is on par speed wise and performance of the 6s and battery is better on the SE. You don't need reach ability with the SE and pixels are the same at 326 as the 6s. It's not hard to figure out that those looking for a smaller device will be very happy with the specs of the SE.

    3 points for the chart
    0 points for title matching content
    - points that SE is older technology, it's just the reverse, it's the case housing that older tech but that's ok by me.
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    Don't forget display zoom. They might have as well put "Larger than 4" screen" and used that as a negative against the SE.
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    I didn't need to put the 5C specs in. We all know the 5C was released with previous gen technology. The SE is not 100% current gen technology. It's a mix of current gen (6s/6s+) and last gen (6/6+) tech. That is my point. That's why I titled the topic as I did.
    I will still probably purchase an iPhone SE. I do really like the SE.

    A lot of the SE is 6/6+ tech. That is previous generation tech. Sure it's not as behind as the 5C was on release but it's not a total 6s in a 5s case either. I still am considering getting a SE as it's pretty good. I realise Apple will probably not release a 4 inch phone with totally new tech anymore so the SE is the closest we can get to that.
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    The 5C was 99% the iPhone 5 in terms of it's features. The SE is about 90 % the iPhone 6S in terms of its features. Anything related to screen size such as resolution, reach ability is irrelevant as they are missing by virtue of the fact that it's only 4 inches. Reach ability is something that is used to aid navigation on bigger screens where the hand cannot easily reach across the whole surface. Such a feature would be useless on a 4 inch display. Likewise what would be the point in putting a 1080 p display on a 4 inch phone.

    The SE makes sense as a product. It's basically the same as the 6S but in a smaller package and it's significantly cheaper.

    The 5C was more confusing as it was the same size as the 5S but was inferior in terms of build quality and specs. It was also crippled by the fact that it only had 32GB internal memory. It wasn't even that much cheaper than the 5S.
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    A lot of the "downsides" in that table are crutches put in so that you can use the bigger screen with one hand like display zoom and reachability.

    I doubt I'll miss a hacked together bodge of a feature like reachability on the SE since the screen size doesn't need it.

    The bulk of the important tech in the SE came from the 6S line, while keeping the best of the 5S line that didn't need to change like the screen and the chassis. I have zero complaints with either of those things on my 5S - I'm not going to miss the wider viewing angle, the "HD" part, or the contrast ratio improvement since I can find no fault with the screen I currently have.

    The 5C was literally a repackaged 5, released at a time when then 5 wasn't the latest model. The SE is a hybrid of the current flagship and its immediate predecessor packaged into a 5S chassis. The title doesn't really make sense. If it had been a repackaged 6 in its entirety inside a 5S case then you'd have a point, but it clearly isn't.
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    The 5C was a 5 down to every spec except the plastic shell (and I am sure some minor chassis measurement differences). The SE is a 5S and 6S hybrid. They really aren't comparable, not even in price at launch. Just about the only parallel is the use of the screen and front facing camera.
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    The SE is a hybrid of 5s, 6, and 6s. The iPhone 5c basically was the iPhone 5 in a plastic shell. The price difference is also a differentiation along with the inclusion of current generation tech. SE is a better value in comparison.

    Helpful chart though... but Reachability??
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