The iTunes Music Store is dumb Part II

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
Northern Virginia
I had a problem that I posted in a thread here that my Pepsi caps were not showing up in the total songs available. The great MR members here had a solution that worked. :)

I did send an email off to Apple ITMS support for an answer too. Here is their reply (really deserves the bonehead award IMO):

Thank you for your interest in the Pepsi/iTunes Music Giveaway.

The Pepsi/iTunes Music Giveaway has ended, and at this time any remaining
free song credits are no longer valid for use on the iTunes Music Store.
Here is the message that I had sent them initially:

Support Subject : Music Downloads
Sub Issue : Other Questions
Comments : I tried to enter in three Pepsi caps this morning, the codes were accepted, but did not show up on the count of available music downloads. I had 9 from my last entering of two caps yesterday morning.


I should be under the 10 entries per a day.

Please tell me that you can give me proper credit for the missing songs.
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