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Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by markosb, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Mar 19, 2010
    My path to get iOS 4 jailbroken on my iPod touch 2G was not as easy as previous jailbreaks. I jailbroke cause I wanted the multitasking enabled... and down the line five icon springboard... which doesn't work with iOS 4 as I found out the hard way.

    I was jailbroken before using iPhone OS 3.1.2 and it ran good for me. I decided to just install iOS 4 over it and knowing I would lose everything I made a backup thinking it would be easy to jailbreak it. It wasn;t. My iPod would not go into DFU mode, eventually it wouldn't boot without going to the connect to itunes screen. After about 36 hours, I tried restoring using itunes to 3.1.2, which still gave me the connect to itunes screen on bootup. Which is annoying cause I don't get error messages.

    My dads computer is free of apple products untill I installed itunes 9.2 on it. I connected my ipod and it turned on, I was expecting the connect to itunes screen but it booted to 3.1.2. I thought cool. I had copied the latest sn0wbreeze I think 4.1 and the iOS firmware downloaded from Apple. I let sn0wbreeze do its thing and used the firmware and did a restore. It installed and rebooted and it worked... I went back to my computer to restore the backup I made of my files... everything installed good. I then did some research on what I could install from Cydia... I found that 5 icon spring board would crash the OS... so I left it for now. Needless to say, I was about ready to toss the iPod into the trash. I was able to turn on multitasking and background images using iPhoneBrowser and all runs really nice. I thought multitasking would slow things up, but it didn't. Everything is faster than from when I had my previous jailbreak. I didn't lose any data cause of the backup.

    I was going to jailbreak my iPad, but it has to many important things on it to take the risk. I guess this post is for those who are having problems jailbreaking... find someone who has never installed iTunes and give it a try.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems, but remember, jailbreaking is not Apple-sanctioned. Therefore, it isn't always perfect, and can sometimes ruing your user experience, which is what you experienced first-hand.

    Now, iOS 4 is new. Just give it a bit of time, and everything'll be working again.

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