The legendary collection 8 in 1: Arcade Park will be released soon!

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    Jul 17, 2009

    I’m glad to inform you that we are [HeroCraft PDA team] are going to release the collection of legendary arcade games Arcade Park for iPhone & iPod Touch. Here’s some graphics, short description of the game:


    The Arcade Park collection has been carefully designed to revive legendary games from the past. Classics such as Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter, Galaxy Invaders are available alongside military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

    In Arcade Ball, players must think quickly if they are to grapple with both a lightning-fast ball, whilst contending with a platform that thrashes it in every conceivable direction.

    Asteroids. A small interstellar reconnaissance spaceship finds itself in the middle of a cosmic confrontation between the many and the few. It must dodge thick rings of asteroids as well as various aggressive inhabitants from outer space…

    Rushman. When a furry little animal heads out onto the streets of his native town in search of food, it seems as though anyone might hurt him. His enemies should be aware that eating cursed fruit can turn our hero into a terrifying, fanged creature that no one should confront…

    A descendant of Scandinavian knights, giant moles of antiquity and the Yeti, Digger is the fastest underground animal known to man. He moves as quick as lightning and with a portable annihilator installed in his helmet, his hands just can’t help reaching for diamonds…

    The adventure lover and gold robber, Gold Hunter, has entered a secret multi-level depository holding the planet's gold reserves. On the brave dodger's belt hangs the BFT-5000, a weapon with the power to burn right through the floor. Yet Gold Hunter must work quickly, for the entire Earth Security Service is on his trail…

    Despite the grave forecasts of analysts and science fiction writers, humanity managed to defend itself against the attack of the alien race known as the Galaxy Invaders. The Supreme Parliament of Earth made a decision to deliver a preventative blow to the aliens' home planet.

    Real Tanx. The enemy’s advance was stalled by an unprecedented level of frost that covered the continent, but they’re still fighting. Unidentified and heavily armored divisions have smashed apart the national defense on all fronts, and now they’re headed for the cities. The captain of the one surviving defense tank knows that only a miracle will save his staff…

    Riverside Assault. An elusive enemy is making it impossible for the General of Peacemaking Forces in the valley of the Congo River to account for the missing Red Cross helicopters and entire provision trucks. Desperate and tired of the string of disappearances, the Commander of a squadron of modern fighters is called upon to detect and neutralize the unseen mischief-maker…


    Game features:

    - Eight different games in one collection
    - High-quality animation and graphics
    - Various game modes
    - Many bonuses, enemies and surprises
    - The chance to create a record for inclusion in the hall of fame

    The detailed information about the game, including screenshots and trailer is available on The Official HeroCraft PDA site.

    Please, leave your impressions, comments, questions, suggestions... I will do my best to provide you with as much information as you want :)

    Thank you for your attention!
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    Jul 17, 2009
    We did it! The game is finally released! :)

    You can buy the game on AppStore or try Lite version for free! Paid version costs $3.99 at the moment. Also there can be some discounts later. Stay tuned!

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