The Macintosh Quick Reference Card.

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    Hey. Recently, I got my hands on three boxed sets of software: the original Hypercard, System 5.0, and System 6.0.

    I think that some of the items in these boxes have been removed, and some things have been added, but they seem to be mostly complete. I did find some manuals and docs that didn't look like they came with the sets originally, and also a few letters from Apple to their customers. The most interesting thing, to me, that I found in these boxes was a small pamphlet, made of one piece of folded over 17X11 paperboard, entitled "Macintosh Quick Reference Card." This I found in the System 5.0 box, and it has a 1987 copyright on it, so I'm assuming it came with that software.

    The first interior page, which I am posting below, shows some of the basic and more advanced keyboard shortcuts you can use on your System 5 Mac. Interestingly, all the shortcuts on the page, except numbers 5 and 6 in the "Managing Windows" section, work on my iBook under 10.4. Numbers 5 and 6 seem to be Classic-only, and I'd imagine they work with OS 9.

    I actually learned a little by reading this card. For all I know, all of you guys and gals already know all of this, but in the off chance you don't, maybe you can learn a thing or two.

    I see no reason to post the second interior page, as it mostly pertains to 3.5" floppy management and dealing with startup disks on classic systems.

    I do hope you can benefit from this document.

    Here's the photo I took of it, which is a bit low-quality, but I think it's legible.


    In case it's hard to see, here's the original image link, which is much larger:
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