The MBP is not a laptop is a portable

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by David-fr, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I called Apple care for a solution to my high temperatures that i get just for watching youtube videos. They asked me how I used my mac, i said on my desk hooked up to my ADC and sometimes on my lap. The rep told me the MPB was not a laptop, it was a portable :eek: WTF!


    This is a google search. this is a dumb and evasive answer. I going to the "Genius" bar this friday and see what they say.

    All i want is a computer that doesn't get to stress with youtube, and as for an exchange it would take a week or so and i can't be w/o a computer due to school and work.

    So what you guys say, laptop or portable? XD
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    Jan 20, 2011
    Download and install the YouTube5 extension for Safari.

    The laptop/portable debate is a non-sequitur
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    Whilst the machines do still sport the genre of Laptop, most manufacturers will tell you, using it on your lap is silly as it can be dangerous to your personal goodies.

    If your MBP is idling at about 85C like mine is, get them to check it at the Genius bar, and compare with the same model, if yours is 20C higher than their demos, then you have the same right I did, to ask for a new one.
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    You can use the youtube html5 site. That uses less CPU than the standard site. Any flash video will suck up a lot of CPU and produce considerable amounts of heat, especially with the MBP's inherently mediocre cooling.
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    Agreed, putting one word in print that clearly indicates the computer is a 'laptop' then saying something else verbally isn't right.

    Especially if it's to skate around a problem you're having. For that issue all correspondence you have with Apple should be in writing. Then go from there.
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