The mMP & the importance of AIC support

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by JesperA, Jul 16, 2017.

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    There seem to be very little discussion about AIC:s in this forum, especially when it comes to the new modular Mac Pro, the nMP almost destroyed this market but there where not that much of a market to begin with, only a few companies produced some AIC for the cMP, companies like Blackmagic and Red etc produced some accelerators and capture cards, i could probably count the companies and products on one hand when it comes to AIC designed exclusively for Mac or even with support for Macs.

    So, will Apple reassure companies that they are now committed to the "pro" market thus making it worth companies time and effort to offer AIC:s for the upcoming mMP? AIC:s (FPGA/ASIC) like AI, ANN, TPU style AIC, Intel VCA, etc etc etc etc, there is no limit to what companies could offer.

    Apple has the power to create a great platform for researchers in various fields, video editors, broadcasters, music producers, etc etc but currently they have a frustrating low commitment in this spectrum of users.

    Anyways, i would like to hear what your opinion are on AIC:s for the mMP and for those of you who currently uses AIC in your cMP, what kind of AIC are you using (not including graphic cards) and what kind of AIC could improve your workflow in the mMP given there would be software support in macOS for that AIC?

    My current biggest frustration are video encoding times, for me, they feel astronomical, especially now when i have added HEVC/H265 to my queues, FCPX export times are okay thanks to (i think) QuickSync support but i would love an improvement so my wish would be for Apple to either offer or support something like the Intel VCA2 (preferably multiple cards in one system). Premiere Pro could really benefit from some sort of accelerator (and Adobe could for once get their act together and create decent performance on macOS)
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    There is no QuickSync avail for any Mac Pro yet.
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    Yeah, I clicked over to read a defense of the Apple Intermediate Codec, but this is an AIC i'm unfamiliar with.

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