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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Tallest Skil, Jan 7, 2009.

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    I want it badly! But that price is absurd! I'll stick with the Cintiq 12WX!
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    I know I was just going to post this!

    Does anyone have 5k? : passes around collection plate:
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    Maybe attention kind of fizzled after the level of debacle-age that ensued from the first ModBook release? I mean, I understand that they did finally start shipping them, but they went so far towards the realm of vapourware that I think even long after they had started shipping them, most people who had heard of them still thought they had never made good on their promise.

    Hopefully they'll have better luck this time around.
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    Well, it's a completely custom-designed aluminum case, anodized black.
    It's milled from one piece of aluminum like the unibody case.
    Unlike the existing ModBook they don't use any part of the unibody case for the ModBook Pro. Just the innards.

    They re-arranged all ports so they are on top and the angled edges are designed so one is able to put the unit down on a desk on one edge and merely prop it up.

    The price also includes custom software that e.g. superimposes a keyboard or numeric keypad as well as launch commands via writing them.

    But best feature is that the display supposedly is the only tablet that can support pen and touch input at the same time, i.e. use your pen in one hand and use your finger to type something on the super-imposed keyboard with your other hand (which is briefly superimposed via a button on the bezel). The use of Photoshop hot-keys come to mind.
    That's a really smart feature IMHO.

    I don't think it does multi-touch though, but they also provide super-imposed sliders for zooming.

    Here's the official Spec Page.

    And here a article including a video with more info.

    I was wondering in another thread whether these guys are onto something: providing high-end 'Apple' products via modding to fill the top void that becomes more and more apparent while Apple dumbs its 'Pro' products down to prosumer levels.
    E.g. there are workstation type laptops in the Windows world that cost $5000 - $8000+. They have BluRay drives, quad core processors, NVidia Quadro GPUs with 1GB VRAM, dual HDs, 16GB RAM, 16mio color screens, etc. No such laptop exists from Apple. Sure these 'monsters' with limited or no battery life are not for everyone. But some people would use/buy them.
    Would be interesting if some modding company like Axiotron could create such a product. Apple clearly isn't interested in portable workstations.
    But that's probably another thread...

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